Man Sets Restaurant on Fire after Getting Wrong Order, Photo Emerges

Man Sets Restaurant on Fire after Getting Wrong Order, Photo Emerges

  • A man in New York City has set the adage a hungry man is an angry man to be true when he set a restaurant on flames after allegedly getting a wrong order
  • If you've tasted chicken biryani, then you would know the deliciousness that is Swahili dishes, and this man could not understand why he did not get
  • Norbu, after getting captured, was released, and that angered cops who had taken their time to nab the man

A man, Norbu, has set a restaurant in New York City on fire after he got the wrong chicken biryani order.

Man sets fire to restaurant.
Man setting fire to restaurant for the wrong order. Photo: New York Post.
Source: UGC

Well, someone said he could kill for food, I bet they were joking, but this man from Queens, New York, took things further.

He had ordered chicken biryani from a Bangladeshi restaurant, and when the eatery botched his order, he got mad.

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According to the New York Post, the man admitted he was under the influence when he threw away the food.

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He then bought a gas can and lit up the restaurant, and it caught his shoes as he reportedly ran away from the scene.

“I bought a gas can, and I threw it at the store to try to burn it out. I lit it up, and boom, it got on me,” said the man, who allegedly scampered away from the scene with his shoes on fire.

Authorities were fuming that Norbu was back on the streets, saying that they had spent nearly two weeks painstakingly tracking him down and arresting him, only to watch him freed without bail.

A waitress from the restaurant, however, claims that they gave him the correct order, but he threw it in their face.

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“He ordered chicken biriyani and the people here behind the counter they take his order and when they bring it to him… He yells asking what it is then they say, your order, chicken biriyani, and he throws it in their face!” a waitress at the restaurant narrated.

Prosecutors said that the fireball shattered the restaurant’s glass windows and wrecked its air-conditioning unit, causing more than KSh 181,800 in damages.

Customer walks into restaurant, orders N74 million food, photo of receipt surfaces

In another report, a celebrity chef identified as @nusr_et on Instagram shared a receipt of the huge sum of money a customer paid at his restaurant.

The celebrity chef, who has over 49 million followers on the gram, revealed that he sold food worth over N74 million.

Reacting to this, some social media users dragged him over the price of his food while others wished to get wealthy enough to patronise him.


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