Pretty Lady Blushes, Professes Love for 22-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Caught Stealing in Ghana, They Hug in Video

Pretty Lady Blushes, Professes Love for 22-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Caught Stealing in Ghana, They Hug in Video

  • A young man from Nigeria was caught in Accra after he stole a phone belonging to an office in the Ga Community
  • Instead of getting beaten to a pulp, the gentleman named Aliyu John was rather asked to clean a gutter and then fed afterward
  • The 22-year-old also found a pretty lady who admired his stature and hard work & confessed her affection for him

Aliyu John, a 22-year-old Nigerian gentleman who was recently caught stealing in a Ga community in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana found a lady after undergoing his punishment.

As earlier reported, Aliyu was apprehended after stealing an officer's phone and was almost beaten by people of the community until a respected personality and one other fellow stepped in and instead made the thief do community work.

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Aliyu John, 22 years old, Ogun state, caufht stealing in Ghana, finds a girl
Nigerian boy caught stealing in Accra and his new 'girl' Photo credit: @WeAreGa/Facebook
Source: UGC

Aliyu was made to clean a gutter

Aliyu who said he hails from Ogun state in Nigeria was made to clean a gutter in the community as punishment for the crime he committed.

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Aliu, as seen in the video, was given protective wear for his feet and a shovel with which he removed packs of sand from the dirty gutter under strict supervision.

When the young man was done, he was allowed to take his bath, given a new set of clothes to wear, and taken to the classiest restaurant where he was served a heavy meal to his satisfaction.

"You Ghana people are very good people. If it were a different community, they would have killed me. I won't steal again," he said in the footage shared on We Are Ga page on Facebook.

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Finding a 'girlfriend'

After going through the punishment and the little 'enjoyment', a pretty young lady who stood by watching the young man confessed she was already fond of him.

The feeling, according to Aliyu, was mutual and the duo hugged affectionately afterward.

Watch from 19:00 below:

Nigerian community gives thief food and drink after apprehending him

Meanwhile, previously reported that a thief got kind treatment in a Nigerian community where he was caught stealing.

The undisclosed community, according to @El__abdool on Twitter, gave the thief a nice meal and chilled drinks and went on to make him clean their drainages.

The elders of the locality then sat the man down and cautioned him against a repeat of such criminality.

@El__abdool shared an image of the man as he cleared the drainages. The incident came to many on social media as a huge shock as it negates the ugly trend of jungle justice people mete to suspected criminals when they are caught.


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