She is Tall and Slim: Oyinbo Girl Approaches Nigerian Riding Bike from London to Lagos, Tells Him "I Like You"

She is Tall and Slim: Oyinbo Girl Approaches Nigerian Riding Bike from London to Lagos, Tells Him "I Like You"

  • The Nigerian man riding his motorcycle from London to Lagos has narrated how a girl approached him in a hotel
  • Kunle Adeyanju said the girl sent her younger sister to him with a note containing a phone number with a request to be called
  • When he called the line, the girl who he said is tall and beautiful picked up at the other end and told him she likes him

A romantic twist has been introduced to the London to Lagos on a bike mission of a courageous Nigerian man, Kunle Adeyanju.

Kunle is currently in Morocco, traversing the country on his motorcycle. Yesterday, he rode further into the Sahara Desert, stopping at a place called El Ouatia.

Nigerian biker riding from London to Lagos currently in Morocco.
Kunle said he met a beautiful girl through a video call. Photo credit: @lionheart1759
Source: Twitter

Inspecting his bike at a hotel

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When he was in his hotel and was inspecting his punctured tyre after fixing it, a girl came around with a note.

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The note contained a phone number that requested to be called. Kunle said he called the line and the little girl's older sister picked up and requested a Whatsapp video call.

The lady is beautiful

In his description of the girl, the biker said she is tall and beautiful. The girl told him that she likes him and offered to be his friend.

He however said he made it clear to the lady that he was on his way out of the country the next day, but she insisted on visiting him.

Kunle shared his story in a tweet:

"When I finished fixing the puncture and was checking the integrity of the patch, a young girl of about 7 years old came to me, smiled then dropped a piece of paper and ran off, it was funny, so I picked up the paper and in it was a phone number with a words “call me” written in French (I used google translate).

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"So, I called the number, and her big sister picked up and requested to call on WhatsApp video which I said was ok, and she did. She’s a tall, slim and elegant Moroccan beauty, she told me I like you, and I want you to be my friend. I told her it ok but am leaving tomorrow, then she said, I will come see you after the fast, but you have to promise me you come back to El Ouatia and get me!"

See his tweet below:

Nigerian biker Kunle Adeyanju arrives Africa

In a related story, had reported that Nigerian biker, Kunle Adeyanju arrived in Africa on the 6th day of his London to Lagos journey on a bike.

He announced the major milestone of his journey via a viral tweet he shared on Twitter.

People commended him for his courage and many encouraged him and offered moral support.


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