Beautiful Lady Plans to Sell Car to Pay Boyfriend’s School Fees & Start Business, Says He Deserves More

Beautiful Lady Plans to Sell Car to Pay Boyfriend’s School Fees & Start Business, Says He Deserves More

  • A woman who has vowed to fund her boyfriend's master's degree and new business venture has stirred the emotions of netizens
  • According to the influencer, she has noticed that men have done so much for the women they love and she loves reciprocity
  • There were mixed reactions after she revealed her plans, with some people saying there will be premium tears as it is a wrong move

A woman has stirred netizens by saying that she will sell her car to fund her boyfriend's master's degree.

Woman vows to sell her car, to help boyfriend.
Influencer Joy Turamuhawe. Photo: Joy Turamuhawe.
Source: UGC

Start a small business

The besotted woman added that she will use the remaining cash to start a small business for her young king who deserves the world.

"I want to sell my car to pay for my boyfriend's last semester so that he can secure his masters degree," said Joy Turamuhawe.

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Believer in reciprocity

In an interview with, Turamuhawe said she is just a strong believer in reciprocity.

"I’ve seen men do unbelievable things for the women they love and I am just a strong believer of reciprocity," said Turamuhawe.

When she posted her news on Twitter, this is what netizens had to say,


"It will end in Tears ask me who bought one a PS."


"If this is for real then I want to become your boyfriend.Just here asking how one's chasing master's degree n his unemployed?"

Marvin k:

"Well don't sell ur car. Well if possible get a loan, then use ur car as collateral security to whatever bank will loan you the money then u can pay back slowly slowly, cause you might still need your car And your boyfriend is blessed to have you."

The Chemist:

"Personally, I don't agree with rose, getting a loan that attracts interest and keeping a car that depreciates + other expenses compared to starting a biz that brings in money."


"If you do this I’ll put on dresses for a year."

October bae Cathie:

"You can also take my king . You deserve more than one."

Lady dumped boyfriend, married another person

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young man known as Uncle Bless on Facebook went online on Saturday, March 19, to write about his former girlfriend who was about to get married to another man.

In a long post on Facebook, the ex-boyfriend asked:

“Is it not the same boy I ask you about when we were dating, you said he is nothing to you…”

He went ahead to mention that the lady was always calling the now to-be-husband a brother, telling him that there can never be anything between them.


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