Supermarket Closes for the Day, Mistakenly Locks Customer Inside, He Drinks Wine & Enjoys Himself in Video

Supermarket Closes for the Day, Mistakenly Locks Customer Inside, He Drinks Wine & Enjoys Himself in Video

  • A man was locked inside Aldi supermarket in America with another customer as the cashier drove off
  • The young man had to call the police to help reach out to the mega store's manager so they could be let out
  • Many people who reacted to the video of the incident online wondered why the supermarket staff never checked well before closing up

A man known as Khaos Blackmetal on TikTok found out that he has been locked in a supermarket after the only worker closed up without properly checking if there is still a customer indoors in 2020.

Despite it happening more than a year ago, the man only recently shared the footage of the event online, saying he was stuck inside with another customer and he had to call the police, Daily Mail reports.

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The officers who came to rescue him laugh hard.
The man revealed that he had to call the police before he was let out. Photo source: @khaosblackmetal
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Stark negligence

The police in turn reached out to the store manager to free them. The man said:

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“During the pandemic, Aldi closed early and the cashier neglected to make sure no customers were left in the store.”

The man stated that when the cashier was about to drive away, he was waving at him but he never noticed.

He entertained himself

Though Khaos could open the door from the inside, that would have triggered a security alarm and meant bad for him.

While in the store, he had some fun yelling at himself as he filmed the moment. He never stopped capturing the moment until the police officers arrived and found the incident funny. He drank bottles of wine and beer while in the store.

Watch the clip below:

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I've been getting customers daily, shipping out of the country - Shoemaker speaks after he went viral onliine compiled some of the reactions below:

Kevin Hochradel said:

"District Manager not laughing when Store Manager has to explain why he’s closing early and locking people in the store."

Jill T said:

"Okay former employee here HOW it takes us at least an HOUR to close down and we checked the entire store before leaving!?! someone losing their job."

Maci-Moo said:

"My dad was the cop! He’s since retired, but he had a good laugh at that call."

Adrianna Ramirez said:

"I used to work at aldi, it took us an hour to clean the store. I’m wondering where were you the whole time?"

#RileyStrong said:

"All the food and alcohol. And aldis usually has blankets. I would have camped out and surprised the opener the next day."

Man bought food for hungry family

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young man, Bear Taliferro Jr, put a big smile on the face of a family after overhearing their conversation in a supermarket he went shopping.

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