4 Young People Who Fed Hungry Strangers, 1 Lady Gave Out Over 200 Plates of Jollof Rice

4 Young People Who Fed Hungry Strangers, 1 Lady Gave Out Over 200 Plates of Jollof Rice

Food is a basic human need. No wonder people believe that when it is sorted out, life becomes way easier.

Kind people all over the world have extended their hands of help to many at the very point of need. The food came on time to them.

In this report, Legit.ng will be looking at four different people who tried in their capacity to feed as many as they could.

1. Food and N200

A young Nigerian man seized massive media attention when he decided to cook food for the homeless.

Many people praised his act.
He placed N200 notes on the food. Photo source: @eniturn
Source: Twitter

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Apart from putting the meal into takeaway packs, the young man also placed N200 notes on each plate.

2. Aderonke Rene Ahmed

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A young lady, Aderonke, put smiles on the faces of many Muslims during Ramadan. The woman sourced funds and cooked many plates of jollof rice so that other people can break their fast with tasty food.

Many people commended her effort.
The lady fed over 200 people during 2021 Ramanda. Photo source: Photo source: @Rene_noire
Source: Twitter

Many online prayed for her as people showed the willingness to help the caregiving act by donating money towards it.

3. Derrick Walton

Derrick took the act of giving out free food to another level. He opened a restaurant and dedicated a day of the week for the homeless.

Sometimes, he transports the homeless to his resutrant.
The man was once homeless so he knows what it means to be hungry. Photo source: Understanding Compassion
Source: UGC

On that day, he does not open for business but caters to the need of the poor who are allowed to come in and eat for free.

4. Max Zahir

A young man, Max, surprised a homeless man than he asked for. The man approached him for a meal.

He planned to find a job for the man.
A homeless man was moved to tears by a stranger's kindness. Photo source: Understanding Compassion
Source: UGC

Instead of just granting his request, he promised to always give the man free lunch. Max also planned to get him a good job.

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Help whenever you can

Many times, one does not need to break a bank to help people. An act of love one considers small can go a long way in solving others' big life issues.

Man's fortune turned around

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a man known as Christopher on social media has shown that it is never too late for anyone to achieve success.

Going on social media, the man said that when he was 39 years old and homeless, he slept in his van.

Two years afterwards, he got a tech job after teaching himself how to code. When he became 45, his job started paying him six sweet-figure salaries.

Source: Legit.ng

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