Side Chick Apologises to Lover’s Wife in Lengthy and In-depth Letter Regarding the Affair

Side Chick Apologises to Lover’s Wife in Lengthy and In-depth Letter Regarding the Affair

  • Affairs happen more often than we would like them to, but the truth seems to come out no matter how long it takes
  • The side chick decided it was time for her lover’s wife to know what was going on, so she wrote her a letter
  • In the letter, she explains everything that happened, how it started and how she wishes she could go back and change it

Infidelity is rife! Marriages hardly last anymore and if they do, they are hardly ever the white picket fence lives we all dream of.

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The other woman writes a letter to her lover's wife, apologising for the affair. Image: Getty Images
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Ingrid from Centurion, Gauteng fell in love with a married man and had been having intimate relations with him for over two years, reported News24.

Finally, reaching her breaking point and knowing she will only ever be ‘the other woman’, Ingrid decided to let the wife of her lover André, Estelle, know what has been happening.

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So, she penned a lengthy and in-depth letter, explaining everything that went down. From the first drink they had to the moment she realised she should have walked away from the very first day.

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From the other woman to the wife – Inside the juicy letter

Ingrid started by expressing how she wishes she could take it all back… she should have known from day one that it was a huge mistake.

“If I could turn back time, I’d never have joined your husband for a drink that first time he invited me. I’d never have opened my front door the first time he knocked on it.”

At first, Ingrid did not know André was married. Getting asked out by him, she felt like a school girl falling in love for the very first time, with no idea what it was actually going to turn out to be.

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“I had butterflies in my tummy. It felt like when I was a student, when my boyfriend and I could talk all night into the early hours of the morning. That’s the way your husband and I started talking. Seven hours felt like one hour.”

André “casually mentioned he was married” over email, and Ingrid was taken aback. Being so head-over-heels, she continued meeting with him despite her better judgement telling her not to.

Knowing he had a wife and two kids at home, Ingrid did not know why she was going with it, but she did, and never stopped him from going further.

“That night, he kissed me for the first time. And I let him. The hand that should’ve been wearing his wedding band crept under my blouse. But the moment was fleeting because his phone rang. He answered, breathless. You were the one calling.”

After explaining many more painful situations and manipulating memories, Ingrid apologised to Estelle. It took her two years to realise she was being cheated on just as much as Ingrid was.

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“Estelle, I’m truly sorry I couldn’t end it sooner. But two years later there was a watershed moment when I looked in his eyes and realised: he’s lying to me just as much as he’s lying to you.”

Ingrid will live with this pain forever, as Estelle will too. The two apparently no longer have contact and Ingrid is paying the price for her choices.

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