Seun Adejumobi Speaks on Acting as Mike Bamiloye, Christian Dressing: "Modesty is Key"

Seun Adejumobi Speaks on Acting as Mike Bamiloye, Christian Dressing: "Modesty is Key"

  • As one who has been dubbed a Christian actor, Seun Adejumobi shared how he feels depicting certain characters and how it affects him off-screen
  • He is notable for acting as Mike Bamiloye in the biopic The Train, which boosted his career and endeared him to fans
  • The role interpreter also spoke about how he feels Christians should dress, among other issues, in this interview with

Actor Seun Adejumobi believes in talent and hard work and unsurprisingly, he delivered in his role as Mike Bamiloye in the Mount Zion Films' biopic, The Train.

Seun Adejumobi looks good in his attire
Seun Adejumobi looks cheerful in his classy attire. Image credit: @seunadejumobi
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Getting to feature in the Christian movie, which was released on May 3, 2020, meant a lot to the movie star, and he has been featured in other films.

In this interview with, the actor spoke about the pressures to live a kind of lifestyle as a Christian actor, among other interesting issues.

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How Seun felt acting as Bamiloye

The role interpreter opened up on how he felt acting the role of the pioneer Christian filmmaker in Nigeria in The Train. Besides, it boosted his career and made him a known name in the industry. In his words:

"The privilege to act as our father in drama ministry, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, indeed was a great experience. It was one movie that gave me a major exposure in my drama ministry, as a lot of people all over the got connected with my personality after seeing the movie."

As someone in the creative industry, he further shared his thoughts on which comes first between talent and hard work.

"Talent and hard work should be inseparable. Talent is so good but then, acquiring the necessary skills to give the talents room for better expression is key. So, one must continuously work on how best to make use of the talents in the most appropriate way, If you don't put that talent to work, no one will know how talented you are. So, they go together.

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How does Seun feel as a Christian actor?

The movie star also revealed how he feels about being a Christian actor and if it puts him in check or under pressure to live a defined godly lifestyle.

"I am first a Christian before becoming an actor. Hence, being an actor should not jeopardise my Christianity in any way. I am representing Christ in the acting field. So, whatever will not be seen in Christ must not be seen in me. So, no pressure. Knowing my identity in Christ is enough to sustain me in the acting world.

Seun shares his take on Christian dressing

In recent times, it has been said that there is nothing like Christian dressing, and it is the heart that matters. Seun gave his two cents on this, saying:

"I agree that it is the heart that matters. Everyone is a product of the intents of his or her heart. Therefore, one's appearance as a believer reflects the state of one's heart because if one has the Holy Spirit residing inside of him or her, the Holy Spirit will also be interested in the individual's personality. Your appearance is also a clear expression of your personality. So, it is expected that you look modest and appealing to the Holy Spirit." b

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Mike Bamiloye criticises secular movies earlier reported that Mike Bamiloye had said that it is not Christian-like to watch ungodly movies.

The minister of God said people need to take a stand so that against such.

The Christian filmmaker also said there is no need to go back to what God had delivered them from.

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