"Let's Use Our Senses Na": Daddy Freeze Slams Pastor Who Compared Mr Ibu to RCCG G.O, Adeboye

"Let's Use Our Senses Na": Daddy Freeze Slams Pastor Who Compared Mr Ibu to RCCG G.O, Adeboye

  • Popular Nigerian OAP and religion critic Daddy Freeze recently stirred reactions online with his response to a comment made by a pastor about Mr Ibu's death
  • The Nigerian cleric had compared Mr Ibu to the famous clergyman and the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E. A. Adeboye
  • Daddy Freeze reacted to the comment made by Pastor Fortune Makarios for slamming Mr Ibu while hailing RCCG leader, Adeboye

Nigerian socialite and religion critic Ifedayo Olarinde, aka Daddy Freeze, recently took to social media to slam a popular Facebook cleric, Pastor Fortune Makarios.

Daddy Freeze took offence to Pastor Fortune's comment about a recently deceased Nollywood comic actor, Mr Ibu.

Daddy Freeze reacts to post shared online by a cleric who compared Mr Ibu's life to that RCCG GO, EA Adeboye
Daddy Freeze slams pastor who faulted Mr Ibu's life for not dedicating his life to Jesus Christ like Adeboye. Photo credit: @daddyfreeze/@realmribu/@pastoreaadeboye
Source: Instagram

Pastor Fortune compared Mr Ibu with RCCG GO Enoch Adeboye in his post. He noted that Mr Ibu, a comedian, died at 62 because he didn't dedicate his life to Christ.

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The cleric then further noted that Pastor Adeboye turned 82 the day Mr Ibu passed, and his longevity is because he has used his life to serve God.

Daddy Freeze blasts Pastor Fortune Makarios

Famous social media critic Daddy Freeze reacted to Pastor Fortune's post, slamming him for creating an unhinged narrative.

Freeze noted that one of Pastor Adeboye's sons, Dare, the head pastor of an RCCG church in Akwa-Ibom, died at 42, 20 years younger than Mr Ibu.

He noted that if Makarios' hypothesis were genuine, Pastor Adeboye's son would still be alive.

Below is the exchange between Daddy Freeze and Pastor Fortune:

Netizens react to Daddy Freeze's post

Here are some of the comments that trailed Daddy Freeze's post:


"I will never regard a pastor, the family am building will never regard a pastor nor visit any business center called church till eternity. There's absolutely nothing like men or women of God. I will forever worship the almighty God in and from my heart."

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"What kind of RETARDED opinion is that??? Howwww did we get to this level of foolishness I’m so tired of these overly religious people. Mr Ibu SERVED God by serving people with his gifts, and that is so much more than can be said for many of you religious Pharisees with bile and judgement. This shiit done pissed me off today. Arghhh!"


"I don’t blame some men of God, I blame the people who idolize them."


"Dear @DaddyFreeze, This individual seems to be displaying signs of mental instability, which can sometimes be observed in certain religious leaders and their followers. He needs an urgent mental evaluation ASAP."


"WTH is wrong with people?? Jesus died at 33. Now what?"


"God bless u sir ,like why make such comment... Ah people Dey craze oo."


"This is part of the problem..Narrative that doesn’t make any common sense. A lot of ideas has been brainwashed by religion propaganda."

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"They've turned into nuisance cos of religion!"


"He says his name is Fortune but he’s so unfortunate. Sad."


"After Nigeria politicians, pastors are our main biggest problem."


"Very senseless post. You don’t always have to have an opinion over everything that happens. Does he know the number of young pastors that die young?"

Daddy Freeze replies Eedris Abdulkareem’s diss song

In other entertainment news, Legit.ng recalls reporting how Daddy Freeze responded to Eedris Abdulkareem's comment about him on his new song.

After Eedris slammed Daddy Freeze, the OAP did a reply diss song, noting that the rapper's career is currently on life support.

Eedris Abdulkareem shaded Daddy Freeze. He called him a hypocrite who goes around abusing pastors while chilling with fraudsters.

Source: Legit.ng

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