‘I Am Addicted to TV Shows, I Don’t Know if It’s Okay Healthwise’, Expert Speaks

‘I Am Addicted to TV Shows, I Don’t Know if It’s Okay Healthwise’, Expert Speaks

  • Addictions can vary from person to person as they are based on individual interests and preferences
  • A youth who watches television series a lot asked a question about its healthiness or otherwise
  • In an interview with Legit.ng, Ewunuga Sheriffdeen Adejounwo, a healthcare provider, shared useful insights

Legit.ng journalist Ridwan Adeola Yusuf has over 9 years of experience covering public journalism and health.

FCT, Abuja - A 25-year-old man shared his worry.

"I'm currently addicted to an excellent TV show, and I was just thinking that there are absolutely no downsides to being addicted to stories.
"You know when you get so drawn into a book series, podcast, or TV series and you just look forward to the next time you can read, listen or watch - it's both a pleasure and benefit to your brain/emotional health. Any other positive addictions, where the potential for good (almost always) outweighs the potential for bad?"

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A man wants to know if some addictive habits are healthy and a medical expert has provided the answer
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Are some addictions healthy? Doctor intervenes

Ewunuga Sheriffdeen Adejounwo is a top medical professional in Lagos state.

Dr Ewunuga works in the Lagos state's ministry of health and is a licensed healthcare provider.

There is nothing wrong with your TV addiction. It's leisure. Some addictive habits are actually healthy.

Addictions often have a negative connotation, but there are indeed some healthy habits that can be addicting positively! Here are some examples:

1. Exercise: Regular physical activity is good but one should be mindful of not hurting him or herself as per the routine engaged in.

2. Reading books on any subject matter is good but not all books leave you with a positive mindset or impression. Still, it is a great way to escape and learn new things.

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3. Meditation: The calm and clarity you feel after a mindfulness practice can make you want to come back for more. Although it is a good practice, it might make some people lose traces of reality.

4. Creativity, inborn gift, and pursuits: Activities like painting, drawing, writing, or playing music can be addicting as they allow you to express yourself and tap into your creativity. However, when they seek to use drugs to make themselves feel among or known by their peers, then the person should retrace his or her steps because the ending might be fatal.

5. Discovering new knowledge, learning new things and skills can be addicting. It challenges your brain and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you are able to achieve your set targets.

6. Helping others/philanthropic habits: Volunteering, donating, or simply doing good deeds can release feel-good hormones like oxytocin, making you want to continue making a positive impact. But when you push beyond limits and the process is affecting other activities of life endeavours around you, then that person should be cautious.

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7. Vocational knowledge: Cooking and baking, making delicious food can be addicting especially when you experiment with new recipes and flavours because you want to improve your skills.

8. Nature outdoor activities/ picnic: Spending time in nature, hiking, or simply taking walks can be addicting because it connects you with the natural world and improves your well-being. It is healthy to feel nature, but when it gets too much an activity, it might make you feel rejective of people's activities around you.

9. Journaling/deep thought: Reflecting on your thoughts and experiences can be addicting. It helps you process your emotions and gain insight into your life. It is healthy when you can throw the past behind and move forward but not healthy when it leads to depression affecting your life endeavours.

10. Spending time with loved ones, friends and extended family: Nurturing relationships with family and friends can be addicting. It creates a sense of belonging.

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Take note that even healthy habits can become imbalanced if taken too extreme. Therefore, moderation and balancing are key components of healthy lifestyles.

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Disclaimer: Advice given in this article is general in nature and is not intended to influence readers' decisions. They should always seek their professional advice that takes into account their circumstances before making any decision.

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