Ramadan 2024: “How Can I Safely Observe Fasting as an Ulcer Patient?" Medical Expert Reacts

Ramadan 2024: “How Can I Safely Observe Fasting as an Ulcer Patient?" Medical Expert Reacts

  • A 34-year-old Muslim who is an ulcer patient is interested in observing the Ramadan fast but is afraid of the health implications
  • The young man who spoke anonymously said he has been struggling with an ulcer for long, but he doesn't want it to stop him from fasting
  • Ewunuga Sheriffdeen Adejounwo, a devout Muslim and healthcare provider, shared tips on how the man and other ulcer patients can safely fast

Legit.ng journalist Ridwan Adeola Yusuf has over 9 years of experience covering public journalism and health.

FCT, Abuja - A 34-year-old follower of Islam and ulcer patient would like to know how he can complete the Ramadan fast without much problem.

I have been struggling with ulcer for long. It just won't go. I hate the fact that I’m battling with ulcer at this very stage of so much commitment in my life. Plus Ramadan, one of the pillars of Islam, is here. As a Muslim, I wish I participate in Ramadan 2024. I so much pity myself.

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It has been a heavy struggle: the pain that makes me feel weak and me shunning foods I love to eat. I can't eat pepper, take soda, eat spicy foods, or anything citric.
I am actually tired of using that esomeprazole because it did not stop the ulcer. I think I have had enough. I just want to manage it through what I eat now as we welcome Ramadan.
Fasting tips in Ramadan for those with ulcer/Ramadan 2024
Some Muslims worry about navigating Ramadan with ulcer. Photo credit: Prostock - Studio
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How ulcer patients can observe Ramadan: Expert

Ewunuga Sheriffdeen Adejounwo is a top medical professional in Lagos state and a practicing Muslim.

Dr Ewunuga works in the Lagos state's Ministry of Health and is a licensed healthcare provider.

Let me offer my perspective. One, avoid oily and spicy foods. Avoid taking citrus fruits to break your fast.

Then, take Gaviscon or any antacid at Sahur (the meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting).

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If Omeprazole has been recommended for you, you can use it 30 minutes before eating your Sahur.

Also, eat a lot of vegetables and drink plenty of water during sahur.

You can manage the ulcer with diet and also recognise the triggers like caffeine, carbonated beverages and all and avoid them.

Furthermore, try to make your own fruit juice and smoothies at home, etc. Avoid dry foods also. Dry foods like bread. If you want to eat bread, make sure you take it as a sandwich with plenty of vegetables.

Both fried and dry foods. If you must eat them, take milk afterwards.

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Disclaimer: Advice given in this article is general in nature and is not intended to influence readers' decisions. They should always seek their professional advice that takes into account their circumstances before making any decision.

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Source: Legit.ng

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