"Can I Build a Small House as a Person Earning N100k Salary in Nigeria?" Expert Advises

"Can I Build a Small House as a Person Earning N100k Salary in Nigeria?" Expert Advises

  • A young man earning N100k salary in Nigeria is confused about what to do as his landlord keeps increasing his rent
  • With his yearly rent now eating deep into his four months of salary, he is looking to build a room on his land
  • A building expert, Gbenga Muritala, spoke about how a low-income earner in Nigeria could become a landlord with proper planning

An anonymous asked:

"Can I build a portable house in Nigeria as a person earning N100k salary?"

Building a house is an achievement among the old and young in Nigeria because it offers some fulfillment.

However, amid the soaring prices of building materials like Dangote cement and sand, building a house may be out of reach for many as the naira depreciates daily.

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Cement blogs in Nigeria/Building houses from scratch.
Rows of 9-inch blocks on site as labourers worked.
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With the retirement age of Nigerians capped at 60 years, is it possible for a salary earner to build a house from their income?

Gbenga Muritala is a professional builder with over 10 years of experience in construction. His portfolio is enormous, as he has built for low-income earners and those with robust budgets. Though based in Ibadan, he has worked in different places in Nigeria.

Recommended budget for building portable house in Nigeria

Building a house has much more to do with planning than the money you have. This is why I believe that a person earning N100k could also have a roof over their head. I have built for many people, and I can tell you that a person earning low could build a room or self-con.

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You do not need to buy all your materials at once. Laying blocks is one of the easiest parts of building. Whenever you have money for one bag of cement, buy it down and mold blocks from it.

Advancements in building have made things easier, unlike in the olden days when bricklayers work with clay. Then, you must have all your building materials before starting, as the mud structure must be roofed immediately to avoid rainfall spoiling it.

Cement budget and number of blocks for foundation

With around N500k, you can start a self-con foundation with 200 pieces of blocks, some bags of Dangote cement, and tons of sand. You can still pay for workmanship from the N500k budget.

Building with cement blocs/Uncompleted building.
A well-built house with black aluminum roof.
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For instance, a person earning a N100k salary could have a work loan opportunity that may give them up to N500k at once. I have worked with some low earners who, once they repaid half of their loans, got additional loans while still servicing the old ones.

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All you just have to do is engage a bricklayer/constructor that would not eat deeply into your budget.

Roofing a house from one's little salary in Nigeria

I have always told people that if you know you do not have the power to buy bundles of roofing sheets at once, buy in bits. The day you have money for a bundle, get them. Before you know it, you will have achieved a lot in a short while while beating the unstable prices of building materials in the market.

The hardest part about building a house is roofing, others like plumbing and wiring can be done gradually. Though finishing touches cost a lot, you can use cement flooring instead of tiling.

Construction after roofing is done

Since you know you are a N100k salary earner, once you have roofed and you have doors, you can do others while living in the house as they are secondary.

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One thing you should note is that all fingers are not equal. With proper planning, you could have a self-con house if you put your mind to it as a salary earner.

Man built portable house on his land

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a young Nigerian man (@2black_01) who works as a bricklayer showed people how he built a very modest house for himself and completed it on time.

In a video that has stirred massive reactions on TikTok, it was seen that the man put in so much effort. Many were amazed when they saw how much work he invested into the project.

Disclaimer: Advice given in this article is general in nature and is not intended to influence readers' decisions about investing or financial products. They should always seek their own professional advice that takes into account their own personal circumstances before making any financial decision.

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