"My Dad Tells Me I am a Failure, How Do I Get Better Grades in School?”: Expert Advises

"My Dad Tells Me I am a Failure, How Do I Get Better Grades in School?”: Expert Advises

  • Many students hope to excel in school with excellent grades, which could open doors to a great career
  • Several graduates who completed their degree with distinction have offered advice and success tips in the past
  • Judith Alozie, an education expert with a first-class degree in Management science at the University of Nigeria, explained what students need to do to excel in school
“Despite all my effort in the previous semester to have an excellent grade, it turned out to be what I did not expect. My parents, who are working so hard to support my education, are not happy with my grades. I am tired of feeling like a failure. I just want to do better. How do I make my Dad proud? What are the things I need to do to excel in school?”

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Good grades can open up more doors in terms of scholarships, awards, educational trips, and extracurricular activities. It can help build a resume, network, and skills for your future career.

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Alozie, an education expert, has a clear answer to this.

Judith Alozie is a higher education professional with over two years of experience in the learning sector. Alozie is passionate about improving Nigerian students' educational outcomes and well-being, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Association for Positive Influence

It's essential to associate with the right kind of people/friends. Keep friends who are already doing well and can positively influence you or help you improve; encourage you to do better, explain topics you don't understand, borrow your notes or teach you when you miss lectures. For example, I had this friend that I could always borrow her notes whenever I missed lectures, and I could trust the content of her notes.

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Managing time well

Another important thing is managing your time well. In school, so many things could take your time, but your ability to create a schedule for yourself will go a long way in helping you. Create a timetable and make sure you make time every day to read, even if it's just 2 hours every day. One mistake students make is waiting until the exam and reading under pressure. If possible, start reading from the day lectures begin.

Find the strategy that works

It's not just about reading; it's important to find out what strategy works for you and start using it. When I read, I love using my pen or pencil to underline/highlight important points, so when I am reading the same book a second time, I just read the points I underlined before. I have friends who don't like that pattern, but like to make their own notes as they read a particular textbook or material, then when reading a second time, they just read their notes. Also, some people love to read at night, some love to read in the daytime, some love to read while listening to music, some hate noise while reading, some love to read in groups, some alone, some in their room, while others love to read in the reading room, just like me. So, it's important to find out what works for you first and start practising it.

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Creating study groups

Another important thing is creating study groups. Normally, I am somebody who loves to read alone, and it worked for me a great deal. But in my third year, when I moved to a school hostel and had the opportunity to spend more time with some of my coursemates, I realized having a study group helps a great deal, especially when you've already done your personal work. After you've read on your own, when you meet your group members, everyone brings up their own questions, and whoever understands it more explains it to the others. Hearing about a topic from others helps you understand it better and also enables you to remember it. You could even hear about points you skipped while reading. The whole experience is just beautiful; it makes reading easier.

Punctuality and frequent attendance of lectures

It's also important to attend lectures regularly and punctually. Sometimes, lecturers organize impromptu tests, and missing classes will make you miss those tests. It's also advisable to value every single mark for every course. This is because even one make can push your grade from B to A. If a lecturer gives two marks to each student who answers his questions correctly in class, attempt to answer the question. If a lecturer decides to give ten marks to those who buy his textbook, be among those who will buy the book and acquire those ten marks first, because you don't know how his exam would be. Make sure you engage in the necessary presentations, assignments, group work, quizzes, tests and every other activity that would determine your continuous assessment score and also prepare well and be present for exams.

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