New Features in iPhone That Have Been on Android For Years

New Features in iPhone That Have Been on Android For Years

  • iPhone 14 was launched recently to a great hype by users but what is unknown to many is that Android users have them first
  • The latest iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro parades a list of features which have been in Android devices
  • Features like pixel binning, video stabilisation, Always-on and a lot of new features on the iPhone have always existed even on budget Android phones

Apple hyped many new features at its iPhone 14 event last week, but those features are very familiar to many Android users.

iPhone users are entirely into Apple's ecosystem and may not know that many of the features the company unveiled with glee have been in Android devices for years.

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List of new features in iPhone 14
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Apple's much-touted reality distortion field is also a reminder not to believe every claim by Apple.

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Interactions with iPhone 14 and iPhone Pro show that both would be great devices, so it's essential to consider the purchase option. The iPhone 14 Pro starts at N659,340.

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Here is the list of the features coming to iPhone 14 that were first on Android

Pixel binning

The iPhone 14 Pro will be the first to have a 48-megapixel camera. The pixel count is four times greater than the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 Pro. But more pixels in a tiny smartphone camera sensor means it's difficult for each pixel to get enough light to produce a good image.

According to reports, to counter this, phones like Samsung Galaxy S21, OnePlus 9 and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, including budget Android phones, will put some pixels together to produce and act as one large pixel. It is called pixel binning and allows sensors to create incoming light while maintaining high resolution.

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Video stabilization

The shaky video has long been a problem in smartphone videography. However, with advances in stabilization methods and post-processing, phones such as 2020's Google Pixel 5 and Samsung Galaxy S20 have had Active Stability and Super Steady modes that helped people take smooth GoPro-like video while in motion.

Always-on display

Some version of always-on display tech has existed on Android for years. The feature was standard on the now-rested line of Lumia Windows Phones when it debuted in 2013. LG pioneered the part in its smartwatches even before Samsung. Always-on allows for essential information, such as time or calendar events, to be visible without taping or touching the device.

Pill-shaped selfie camera cutout

A defining trait of the last few generations of iPhones has been the large notch that sits at the top of the display. However, with the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple is following Android in moving beyond the aperture for a pill-shaped cutout instead.

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Apple deserves some credit.

Despite Apple copying most of the Android features onto its iPhone 14, it looks like the device would be a beast of a mobile processor and will likely remain the king in the smartphone industry.

Data Shows it will take an average Nigerian worker over 3 years to buy the new iPhone 14 Pro reported that Apple just revealed its most premium phone range, including the iPhone 14 Pro, which has impressive features.

While Apple's iPhone pricing at launch is comparable to that of previous year's models, Naira depreciation and other factors will make this year's iPhone the most expensive for Nigerians.

It is even more expensive for an average Nigerian who wants to join the iPhone user club.


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