Bread Leads a List of Six “Poor” Man’s Food That Are Now Very Expensive in Nigeria

Bread Leads a List of Six “Poor” Man’s Food That Are Now Very Expensive in Nigeria

  • It is no longer news that most Nigerians are now leaving from hand to mouth due to the rising cost of food items
  • Some of the food items that have witnessed an astronomical rise in the last year include food that the poor live on
  • Bread is among the food items which are now becoming out of reach for the poor over the last year have increased in price by 30%

With stagnant salaries and inflation increasing daily, It’s hard to be a poor man in Nigeria.

Not only the price of things won’t let you be poor in peace, but the thought of going to the market is also as scary as anyone can imagine.

The National Bureau of Statistics recently announced that food inflation, which largely determines citizens' quality of life, rose to 20.6% in June 2022.

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Food items expensive in Nigeria
Nigeria has one of the highest inflation in the world Credit: AHSY
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According to NBS, the rise in food inflation was caused by increases in prices of Bread and cereals, Food products n.e.c, Potatoes, yam, and other tubers, Meat, Fish, Oil and fat and Wine.

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Here are some of the seven common food items many Nigerians are finding difficult to afford.


There was a time when N50 bread was a thing. Gone are those days it will be difficult to buy bread at N200, if lucky it is today filled with air.

To worsen it, on July 25, 2022, the Bakers Association of Nigeria further announced an increase in the price for a loaf of bread.

The Guardian reports that the association said a loaf of N200 will cost between N240 and N250; that of N500 will cost N600; that of N600 will cost N750; N700 will cost N880 and that of N800 will sell for between N980 and N1,000.

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Everyday food for the common man, is now one of the premium food items in Nigeria.

A recent market survey conducted by shows that a bag of rice is sold at N31,000- N33,000 compared to the N8000 it was sold a few years ago.

Many Nigerian families have now abandoned the idea of Sunday rice.


A cup of garri has now become gold. Nothing is as scary as being unable to afford even the commonest (and what used to be the cheapest) foods.

NBS in its selected food items report, shows that an average cost for 1kg of garri has increased by 29% in June to N353.95.


Fish has become one of the most expensive food items in the market today.

On Tuesday, Former President Olusegun Obasanjo complained about how the rising cost of diesel has adversely affected his fish business.

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According to Obasanjo, with the current price of diesel at N800 a litre, the production of a kilogram of fish is N1,400.

This simply means the price of fish is set to increase further in the market.

NBS puts the average cost of 1kg Mackerel: frozen fish at N1,459.82 as at June 2022, which is a 23.82 per cent increase when compared to N1,178.96 in June 2021.


Beans are another food item that is becoming almost out of reach for Nigerians.

According to Nairametrics, the price of a big-sized bag of brown beans rose by 40.4% to sell for an average of N66,000 in the month of July 2022 compared to N47,000 selling price recorded in the previous month of June 2022.


Yam has become a no-go area for many Nigerian families. A big-sized yam tuber initially sold for an average of N1,413 now average N2,350.

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