Saudi Arabia Announces New Visa Rule for Hiring Drivers, Tailors, Others

Saudi Arabia Announces New Visa Rule for Hiring Drivers, Tailors, Others

  • Saudi Arabia has amended its visa rule for recruiting domestic workers abroad.
  • Based on the changes, the minimum age for employers to obtain work visas for employees is now 24 years.
  • Every necessary contracting between the employer and the employee will now be through Musaned journalist Zainab Iwayemi has over three years of experience covering the Economy, Technology, and Capital Market.

Saudi Arabia's labour authorities have announced that the country is defining rules for issuing visas for recruiting domestic workers from abroad.

Saudi Arabia announces new visa rule for hiring Drivers, Tailors, others
Saudi ministry of human resources said it is necessary to conduct contracting via Musaned, a platform in charge of domestic labour. Photo Credit: JohnnyGreig, Commerceandculturestock
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In light of this, the minimum age for a single employer to obtain a visa for domestic workers is 24 years.

Musaned, a government platform in charge of domestic labour in Saudi Arabia, disclosed this according to a report by Gulf News.

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The workers affected include farmers, tailors, housekeepers, drivers, live-in nurses, tutors, nannies, cleaners, cooks and guards.

New rule

The new rule applies to Saudi citizens, Gulf nationals, foreign wives of Saudi men, their mothers, and holders of Saudi premium residency permits who apply for visas.

It directs employers to recruit overseas domestic labour, depending on the employers' financial capabilities.

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources set up the Musaned platform to help customers understand their rights and duties.

As the official recruitment platform, the ministry has said it is necessary to conduct contracting via Musaned.

Prospective employees can learn about related services like visa issuance, recruitment requests and contractual relations between the employer and the worker from the platform.

In addition, as part of digital services, wages could be transferred to labour via apps STC pay and Urpay via the platform.

The authentication of domestic labour contracts, resolution of disputes, and transfer of a house worker's service from one employer could be sorted on the platform.

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Earlier, Saudi Arabia said it was opening its doors for investment and had decided to simplify the process of getting a visa for investors.

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