Restaurants in Ikeja: 10 of the best eateries in mainland Lagos

Restaurants in Ikeja: 10 of the best eateries in mainland Lagos

Ikeja is the state capital of Lagos, one of the most populated states in Nigeria. As such, it is home to some of the best establishments in the country. Check out top 10 restaurants in Ikeja mentioned below.

restaurants in ikeja
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There are plenty of places to eat in and out in mainland Lagos. Ensure that you look at some of the nice restaurants in Ikeja that are affordable and serve a variety of meals.

Top restaurants in Ikeja

Do you enjoy sampling different delicacies? Ikeja is a great place to look for restaurants to eat in and out. Below are the ten best restaurants you should ensure you check out.

1. The Place

  • Physical address: Aviation Plaza by Medical road bridge / 45 Isaac John Street
  • Contact number: +234 912 923 8131/907 369 4017

This Nigerian restaurant chain delivers a wide range of delicious meals in a cosy environment. The Place has earned a good name since they offer mouthwatering dishes that have received excellent reviews.

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The company began its operations in 2008. It boasts about 14 restaurants so far in various areas within Lagos, as well as several locations in other states. There are two restaurants in Ikeja; the firs one is located at Ikeja Aviation terminal and the other one is at Ikeja GRA.

The Place serves various foods such as asun, grilled chicken, and rice dishes. If you want a nice meal within Ikeja, pop into this restaurant.

2. Jevinik Restaurant

  • Physical address: 21 Isaac John St
  • Contact number: +234 701 586 3685

Jevinik Restaurant boasts over 25 years in business. It has achieved much in terms of culinary knowledge. If you want to visit one of the more affordable restaurants in Lagos, this is one great eatery to consider. By visiting this place, you will enjoy great African cuisine foods that are mouthwatering at a reasonable price.

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Their culinary style is unmatched owing to its wide variety of foods from the Nigerian and African cultures. If you want to order online, they has an excellent delivery service, so check it out!

3. La Giara Italian Restaurant

  • Physical address: Sheraton Lagos hotel, 30 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way
  • Contact number: +234 1-2800100 6750

Are you planning to visit a great restaurant with an amazing buffet? La Giara in the Sheraton Lagos Hotel is the place to go. It is in a calm, welcoming place that many Lagosians love. The restaurant has great delicious meals coupled with themed nights, whereby Indian and American foods are available.

4. Yellow Chilli Ikeja

  • Physical address: 35 Joel Ogunnaike Street
  • Contact number: +234 808 994 8999

Yellow Chilli offers mouthwatering ethnic dishes, seafood okra, prawns, snail stew, and pepper soup. It is one of the nicest hangout spots in Ikeja, where you can chill out with your friends and enjoy Nigerian cuisine. This restaurant is undoubtedly in a good area in Lagos where you can take your time to unwind after work.

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5. La Mango

  • Physical address: 3A Adekunle Fajuyi Way, off Isaac John
  • Contact number: +234 907 676 1722
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Are you looking for restaurants in GRA Ikeja? This restaurant is one of the most popular eateries in the neighbourhood. It is widely known since it offers both local and international cuisines. Some of the dishes served in this restaurant are; American hamburgers, Thai curry, Malaysian fried rice and most Nigerian dishes.

You will be awed by the amazing decor at the La Mango. The ambience tends to calm the nerves. This restaurant has excellent facilities such as a pool and a club.

6. Rodizzio Restaurant and Bar

  • Physical address: 29 Isaac John Street
  • Contact number: +234 703 030 1548

Rodizzio is famous in Ikeja because it has plenty of parking space. Another distinctive feature of this eatery is that it has a trolley delivery method that many local people love. It is one of the romantic restaurants in Lagos and can be a cute spot for a couple who are dating.

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Could you be looking for chilling spots in Ikeja? This place will give you just that. The view from the lounge gives a calming feel since the eatery overlooks the busy Isaac John Boulevard in Ikeja.

7. The Regent Restaurant

  • Physical address: 25 Joel Ogunnaike Street
  • Contact number: +234 (0)1 295 8516

This place has a fun lounge where you can enjoy local and international delicacies. The fact that The Regent Restaurant is at the crossroads of GRA and Maryland makes it unique.

You will also find great beverages inspired by European and African cuisine. The waiters at this eatery are known to offer fast services to their clients; hence you won't take long waiting for your food.

8. Zen Garden

  • Physical address: 60 Isaac John Street
  • Contact number: +234 818 815 7889
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This eatery mainly offers Chinese cuisine. It's interior décor concept is done in traditional Chinese style. The dining area is extensive. You can visit it anytime and enjoy some of their delicious Chinese meals.

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9. Golden Eagle Spur

  • Physical address: Landmark House, 52-54 Isaac John St
  • Contact number: +234 1 453 1270

The Golden Eagle Spur offers burgers, steak, and seafood. This restaurant doesn't have a buffet option. However, you can choose a meal, and they will make it for you. Ensure you have enough of a budget for your meal if you visit the Golden Eagle Spur.

10. Rhapsody's

  • Physical address: 176/194 Obafemi Awolowo Way Ikeja City Mall
  • Contact number: +234 817 777 7825

Do you want to taste something different from the usual delicacies? Then, ensure that you visit the Rhapsody's restaurant. This eatery offers some specialities: pizza, steaks, and barbecues.

They have great amenities like live entertainment, POS, Wi-Fi, and a bar. The food in this restaurant might be a bit pricey for some, though.

Are you willing to spend your money on good food? Splurge on good restaurants in Ikeja? Go no further; ensure you visit the above ten establishments. You will get value for your money. There may be other excellent restaurants in Ikeja, but none of the ones highlighted above will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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