100+ fun Disney trivia questions and answers for children

100+ fun Disney trivia questions and answers for children

Many people worldwide have enjoyed Disney cartoons in childhood or adulthood in one way or another. But how conversant is your child with the films? Disney trivia questions and answers are fun to test your child's skills and improve their knowledge of Disney films and TV shows. You can be sure that these fun Disney trivia questions will leave your kids scratching their heads as they figure out the correct answers.

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Disney trivia questions and answers for children. Photo: @bo-shou, pexels.com (modified by author)
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Disney animated films are well-known for being kids-friendly. They are great for helping children process their emotions, learn new things and explore their imaginations. Below is a compilation of Disney trivia questions you can consider from various shows and movies.

Fun Disney trial questions and answers

Many kids are fascinated by Disney shows. They teach them the value of family, friendship, family, among many others. To improve their knowledge of Disney, you should consider asking them the following questions.

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Easy Disney trivia questions and answers

Are you planning to host a Disney-themed party for your kids, and you are wondering how to make it exciting? The following Disney trivial questions for kids will definitely keep the children engaged and entertained.

  • What is the name of Wendy's dog in Peter Pan? Nana
  • Who trained Hercules to be a hero? Philoctetes (Phil)
  • How many sisters does Ariel have? Six.
  • What is the name of the toy store in Toy Story 2? Al's Toy Barn
  • How many years was Genie stuck in the lamp before Aladdin found him? 10,000 years
  • What is the name of the elephant that can fly in Dumbo? Dumbo
  • What is the name of the teacup from Beauty And The Beast? Chip Potts.
  • How many brothers does Prince Hans of the Southern Isles have in Frozen? 12
  • Name the first Mickey Mouse cartoon to be produced in colour. The Band Concert
  • Who is the toy cowboy in Toy Story? Woody
  • What is the name of Elsa's sister in Frozen? Anna
  • Which Full House character voices Aladdin? Steve
  • What is the kingdom's name in Disney's 2010 animated feature Tangled? Corona
  • Name the only Disney princess to have biological brothers. Merida
  • What is the mouse's name in Cinderella who helps her prepare for the ball? Jaq
  • Which two Disney princesses are not authorized Disney princesses? Elsa and Anna.
  • What is the name of Andy's neighbour in Toy Story? Sid
  • What is the actress's name who brought Disney's villain Maleficent to life? Angelina Jolie
  • Which princess has a live-action remake released in 2020? Mulan.
  • In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, what is the name of the villain's henchman? Clopin
  • What land is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad located in? Frontierland
  • The sorcerer's name in Fantasia spells what backwards? Disney
  • In The Jungle Book, what is the name of the python who tries to eat Mowgli? Kaa
  • Which animal was Tarzan brought up by? Gorilla.
  • What are the names of Cinderella's stepsisters? Anastasia and Drizella
  • What is the name of the caterpillar character in the movie A Bug's Life? Heimlich
  • What was Nemo's mother's name? Coral

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Interesting kid's Disney trivia with answers

kids disney trivia
Interesting kid's Disney trivia with answers. Photo: @pixabay, pexels.com (modified by author)
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Do you need a little magic for your event? Check out the following Disney quiz questions to ask the kids to test their knowledge of Disney films.

  • What is the name of Ariel and Prince Eric's daughter? Princess Melody
  • Which Disney princess has the least number of lines throughout the entire film? Aurora
  • What is the name of the young girl who falls down a rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland? Alice
  • Which planet do guests visit in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge? Batuu.
  • What are the names of Hade's minions in Hercules? Pain and Panic
  • Who is the fairy in Peter Pan who helps the children fly to Neverland? Tinker Bell
  • Which song do Cinderella and Prince Charming dance to at the ball? So This Is Love.
  • What was the name of Walt Disney's first cartoon character? Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  • Which American actor received the first Golden Globe nomination for voicing a character in a Disney animated film? Robin Williams
  • Who is the villain in The Little Mermaid? Ursula
  • Dory suffers from what? Anterograde Amnesia
  • Which Disney character sings How Far I'll Go? Moana
  • In the movie Mulan, what was the name of this horse the young female warrior brings along during training? Khan
  • What is the name of the horse who helps Flynn Rider and Rapunzel in Tangled? Maximus
  • In the movie Up, which South American destination do Carl and Ellie dream of visiting? Paradise Falls
  • What's the name of the daycare that Andy's toys end up at in Toy Story 3? Sunnyside Daycare
  • Which character tells Buzz that he's his father? Zurg
  • Which actress plays the twins in Disney's remake of A Parent Trap? Lindsay Lohan
  • What is the name of Jasmine's tiger in Aladdin? Rajah
  • By the end of the movie Toy Story 3, what is the little girl's name to whom Andy gave all his toys? Bonnie Anderson
  • What is the name of Disney's private island? Castaway Cay
  • What's the name of Snow White's prince? Prince Ferdinand
  • What is Mulan's pet dragon called? Mushu
  • What is the name of the prince in Sleeping Beauty? Prince Phillip
  • Walt Disney had how many kids? Two (Diane Marie Disney and Sharon Mae Disney)
  • What is the name of the Italian restaurant where Lady and the Tramp share spaghetti? Tony's Restaurant
  • In Frozen, what is the name of the snowman who loves warm hugs? Olaf

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Fun Disney questions for kids

disney quiz questions
Fun Disney questions and answers for kids. Photo: @ipek-townsend, pexels.com (modified by author)
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Disney trivia covers a wide range of favourite characters and stories. Below are Disney movie trivia questions you can ask to lighten your kids' mood.

  • Dory suffers from what? Short-term memory loss
  • What is the title of the fake musical Mike makes up to cover up the fact that he and Sully own Boo? Put That Thing Back Where It Came From or So Help Me
  • What is the princess's name in Sleeping Beauty? Aurora
  • Joy, fear, anger, disgust, and sadness guide whose emotions in Inside Out? Riley
  • What is the name of the actress that played Belle's mother in Beauty and the Beast? Zoe Rainey
  • Who is the young deer in Bambi? Bambi
  • Which character tells Buzz that he's his father? Zurg
  • What are the names of the little fox and the hound from 1981's The Fox and the Hound? Tod (fox) and Copper (hound dog)
  • What is the mermaid's name in The Little Mermaid? Ariel
  • Who is the captain of the Black Pearl in Pirates of the Caribbean? Captain Jack Sparrow
  • What was the name of Jessie's original owner in Toy Story 2? Emily
  • Who was Experiment 626? Stitch
  • Who is the villain in 101 Dalmatians? Cruella de Vil
  • The Princess and the Frog is set in which city? New Orleans
  • What is the cutest little town in Carburetor County? Radiator Springs
  • Who is the chef in The Little Mermaid who tries to cook Sebastian the crab? Chef Louis
  • Mowgli was raised by what animals in The Jungle Book? Wolves
  • What colour roses does the Queen of Hearts want in Alice in Wonderland? Red
  • Quasimodo was the bell ringer of which famous cathedral? Notre Dame
  • Which Disney film has the tagline, Fish are friends, not food? Finding Nemo.
  • Who is the villain in The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Judge Claude Frollo
  • Who is Miguel's idol in Coco? Ernesto de la Cruz
  • Which Pixar character said: Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it. Merida
  • What is the name of the young boy who befriends a bear named Baloo in The Jungle Book? Mowgli
  • All you need is a little faith, trust and what else? Pixie dust
  • Who is the princess who falls in love with a beast in Beauty and the Beast? Belle

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Best Disney trivia with answers

disney trivia questions and answers
Best Disney trivia with answers. Photo: @skitterphoto, pexels.com (modified by author)
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A great hangout with children can only be fun by roasting them with Disney trivia questions for kids. The following trivia questions will challenge their thinking capacity and help them acquire new knowledge and skills.

  • What fireworks show replaced Wish in 2017? Happily Ever After
  • Which siblings were behind some Disney movie scores and It's a Small World (After All)? The Sherman Brothers
  • How many fingers does Mickey Mouse have? Four (three fingers and a thumb)
  • What are the names of the Three Good Fairies in Sleeping Beauty? Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather
  • In Toy Story, what is the name of the toy dinosaur who is afraid of everything? Rex
  • Which character turns into a llama in The Emperor's New Groove? Emperor Kuzco
  • Disney introduced its first animated openly gay character in which movie? Onward
  • In Monster's, Inc., there's nothing more toxic or deadly than what? A human child
  • Which Disney Princess attended Elsa's coronation day in Arendelle? Rapunzel
  • Which Disney princess has her mother and father as her biological living parents? Mulan
  • Who is the villain in The Great Mouse Detective? Professor Ratigan
  • In Robin Hood, what is the name of the rooster who is always singing? Alan-a-Dale
  • What is the name of Sleeping Beauty's Prince? Prince Phillip
  • According to Steve May, what were the two most prominent challenges animators faced in creating the movie Brave? Merida's long, curly red locks and the bear furs
  • In Beauty and the Beast, what is the name of Belle's father? Maurice
  • Julie Andrews debuted her feature film in which Disney movie? Mary Poppins
  • What name does Mulan pick for herself while pretending to be a man? Ping
  • Who is the evil queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? The Wicked Queen
  • Which classic movie is Wall-E a fan of? Hello, Dolly!
  • What is the name of the castle in Shanghai Disneyland Park? The Enchanted Storybook Castle
  • Who provided the voice of Woody in Toy Story? Tom Hanks
  • Mike and Sulley joined which fraternity at Monsters University? The Oozma Kappa Fraternity
  • Pongo and Perdita originally had how many puppies in 101 Dalmatians? 15
  • In Zootopia, what is the name of the sly fox who becomes friends with the rabbit police officer? Nick Wilde
  • There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow is the theme song of which iconic Disney ride in Magic Kingdom? Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress
  • Who is Remy's culinary hero in Ratatouille? Chef Auguste Gusteau
  • In Cinderella, what is the name of the song that Cinderella sings while dreaming of a better life? A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

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Disney trivia questions are exciting and can help children escape boredom easily. They are a great way to test their knowledge of various characters found in various shows and movies of Disney. They are both intriguing and informative.

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There is always something new to discover about the world of music, from classic rock to contemporary pop. The music trivia questions will keep you entertained and informed.

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