100+ history trivia questions to test your knowledge (with answers)

100+ history trivia questions to test your knowledge (with answers)

The world is rich when it comes to history and most of it is recorded in books and manuscripts. Learning history will make you understand the world and humans better and it is also an interesting topic. One fast way to learn history is by going through questions and answers. You can test your knowledge with your loved ones, which is a great bonding activity. These history trivia questions will help you test your knowledge and kill boredom at the same time.

Hard history questions
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History trivia questions can be challenging but also enjoyable. As you answer these questions, your understanding of the world in the past and now expands. These questions about world history are also great to play as a game with your family and friends.

History trivia questions and answers

You can learn a lot through playing the history questions and answers game. Below are some history trivia questions and answers to test yourself.

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  • What is recorded as the shortest war in history? England and Zanzibar war
  • Which Greek historian is called the Father of History? Herodotus
  • What was Charles Darwin's research ship he travelled with called? The Beagle
  • Who was the first man to walk on the moon, and in which year? Neil Armstrong, 1969
  • When did Hitler take his life? 1945
  • Which organization won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1917? The Red Cross
  • Which president was shot outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington on March 30, 1981? Ronald Reagan
  • Denmark colonized which country until 1981? Greenland
  • Which year did the first Space Shuttle go into space? April 12, 1981
  • When did Mao Zedong come to power? 1949
  • When was John F. Kennedy assassinated? 1963
  • President William Harrison was the United States how many days was? 32
  • Which famous battle took place on Sunday, June 18, 1815? The Battle of Waterloo
  • In which country did the Easter Rising take place in 1916? Ireland
  • How many US presidents have been assassinated? Four
  • What was the name of the bridge that first crossed the River Thames in London? London Bridge
  • In Roman times, a week has how many days? Eight
  • Who is the first man to fly alone across the Atlantic? Charles Lindbergh
  • The Hermitage was the home of which US president? Andrew Jackson
  • What was the first Space Shuttle to go into space called? Space Shuttle Columbia

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World history trivia questions

Random history questions
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Some people ignore learning history, but there is common knowledge related to history that everyone should know. Below are world history quiz questions you can ask to lighten the mood of the people around you.

  • Which is the oldest civilization in the world? Mesopotamia
  • When did the construction of the Great Wall of China start? 7th century BC
  • Who became president after the assassination Abraham Lincoln? Andrew Johnson
  • Which country form the membership of the Allies in World War II? Britain, France, Russia, China, and the USA.
  • What sparked the World War I? The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
  • Which is the oldest dynasty still ruling? Japan
  • Who was the most famous Roman poet? Virgil
  • At what age was Queen Elizabeth II crowned the Queen of England? 27
  • How many Celtic languages are still spoken today? Six
  • Which country did Albert Einstein leave when he moved to the United States? Germany
  • When was the Berlin wall brought down? 1989
  • Who is the popular Cuban leader who has been in power for 49 years ? Fidel Castro
  • The Mexican Revolution started when? November 20, 1910
  • What was the capital city of the Inca Empire? Cusco
  • Who was the first emperor of the Mongol Empire? Genghis Khan
  • Which is the last dynasty in China? Qing dynasty
  • Who was the first American to win a Nobel Peace prize? Theodore Roosevelt
  • Which countries fought in the Hundred Years' War? Britain and France
  • Who is the founder of the Communist Party? Lenin
  • When did Libya gain independence from Italy? 1951

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Hard history questions

History questions and answers
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Brainstorming history questions with answers can sharpen your knowledge on many history fact. If you are a history fan, level up your history quiz challenge with these hard history trivia questions.

  • Which woman was the first head of government in the world? Sirimao Bandaru Nayake
  • What was the name of the famous military formation made by Alexander the Great? Phalanx
  • Which English king was prepared to exchange his kingdom for a horse? Richard III
  • In which country was women first given the right to vote in 1893? New Zealand
  • The Colosseum was built by which Emperor? Vespasian
  • Who was called the patron God of Troy? Apollo
  • What name did the Romans call Scotland? Caledonia
  • Which aircraft was used to bomb Hiroshima in Japan during World War II? B-29 Superfortress
  • The first female to go to space? Valentina Tereshkova
  • Julius Caesar was killed where? In the Theater of Pompey
  • Potala palace served whose winter residence until 1959? Dalai Lama
  • American president John F. Kennedy assassinated in which city? Dallas
  • What caused the Black Plague? Yersinia pestis
  • What is the meaning of the Magna Carta? The great Charter
  • Who is known as the Father of Medicine? Hippocrates
  • What was the Ukrainian nuclear power manufacturer that was the site of a nuclear disaster in April 1986? Chernobyl
  • Who is the most famous student of Socrates? Plato
  • Which country was not colonized by Europeans in Southeast Asia? Thailand

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Random history questions

Easy history questions
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Trivia is a great icebreaker game because even if you don't know the answer, it's always fun to guess and know the answer afterwards. Here are some great, random history questions to make you and your friends feel entertained.

  • Which country did Francisco Franco rule from 1939 to 1975? Spain
  • What was known as thermae in Ancient Rome ? Public baths
  • In what year was the Concorde's first flight? 1969
  • Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell
  • How many wives did Henry VIII have? Six
  • Which scientist discovered penicillin? Alexander Fleming
  • What was the N*zi Germany's official secret police called? Gestapo
  • Which three countries were part of the Triple Entente in World War I? Great Britain, France & Russia
  • Who were the first two people to reach Mount Everest's summit? Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay
  • Which lady is said to be so beautiful that her face launched a thousand ships? Helen of Troy
  • Which two countries fought The First Opium War? Great Britain and China
  • Which year did Pakistan attain it's independence from the UK? 1947
  • What was the official language in Ancient Rome? Latin
  • How long did Queen Victoria reign? 63 years, seven months, two days
  • Which was the first country to be invaded by Germany that kickstarted World War II? Poland
  • The Hindenburg Disaster involved what type of German airship? A zeppelin
  • Which state in America was an independent country from 1777 to 1791? Vermont
  • What type of boats did the Vikings use when exploring and raiding? Long ships

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Easy history questions

World history trivia questions
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When bonding with your loved ones, it's important to have some fun activities that everyone can. Answering easy history questions will have more people participate because its fun and will challenge their history knowledge. Below are some easy history questions that anyone can easily answer.

  • When did The Battle of Hastings? 1066
  • Who was the President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999? Nelson Mandela
  • The Statue of Liberty was which colour originally? Green
  • Who is youngest person to win a Nobel Peace Prize at age 17? Malala Yousafzai
  • Which countries entered into the Good Friday Agreement in 1997? Britain and Ireland
  • Which planet is referred to a dwarf planet? Pluto
  • Where was the Titanic sailing to before it sank? New York
  • Which Roman Emperor built a gigantic wall across the North East of England in 122 AD? Hadrian
  • Who was the third man to walk on the moon? Charles Pete Conrad Jr.
  • Which is the largest ocean in the world? The Pacific Ocean
  • When did the Great Fire of London happen? 1666
  • Which country was the explorer Captain James Cook from? England
  • Who is the founding father of the United States of America? George Washington
  • Where in Europe was the Battle of Hastings fought? England
  • Who invented the light bulb? Thomas Edison
  • Who was the first wife of Henry VIII? Catherine of Aragon
  • Which war started in 1939 and ended in 1945? World War II
  • Which UK prime minister has the shortest tenure in history, lasting 45 days? Liz Truss
  • Which year was Nelson Mandela freed from prison? 1990

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Modern history trivia questions

Questions about world history
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The world is rich with modern history and and questions around it are good conversation starters. Check out below modern history trivia questions and answers to test yourself.

  • Who was awarded Peace Noble Prize when she was 17 years old? Malala Yousafzai
  • What year did the first iPhone hit the market? 2007
  • Who is the founder Disney Studios? Walt Disney
  • Which year did Brexit happen? January 2020
  • Which country was the host of the 2016 Olympics? Brazil
  • Which two British royal family members divorced in 1996? Prince Charles and Princess Diana
  • Who is the first wife of King Charles III? Diana, Princes of Wales
  • Which country exited the European Union? The United Kingdom
  • Who wrote the Harry Potter series? J. K. Rowling
  • Facebook created in what year? 2004
  • Who was the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms from 1952 to 2022? Queen Elizabeth II
  • When did the first electric car come to existence? 1870s
  • Since 2013, who has been president of the People's Republic of China (PRC)? Xi Jinping
  • Who is the first British Asian Prime Minister? Rishi Sunak
  • In which country did the Covid-19 Pandemic originate? China
  • Who is the 46th American president? Joe Biden
  • When did Singapore attain independence? August 1965
  • Which year did the Internet become popular? 1993
  • Who won the US Presidential election in 2008 ? Barack Obama

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The world is an amazing place rich with history and interesting facts. Knowing history is a great appreciate different people and their cultures. History trivia questions will expand your knowledge can be great for game nights with your friends and family. If you want to test your history knowledge, try answering the above history trivia questions.

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Finding games and activities for a break out at a party can be tricky as you want your guests to be entertained. One way to kill boredom is by playing a fun trivia question game with friends. The questions are educative and entertaining at the same time. Try these funny trivia questions if you are looking for a hilarious activity for your party or game night.

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