What is BulletBall? All you need to know about the inclusive sport

What is BulletBall? All you need to know about the inclusive sport

BulletBall is an exciting tabletop sport invented by Mark Griffin. The game gained widespread recognition after being featured on the television show American Inventor. It is played on a rectangular tabletop resembling miniature ping-pong tables. Players may choose to sit or stand while participating in the sport.

Griffin and the other two men stand in front of the BulletBall (L). Two men playing BulletBall (R).
Griffin and the other two men standing in front of the BulletBall table (L). Two men playing BulletBall sports game (R). Photo: BulletBall Table Sport Game on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC


BulletBall is an ideal sport for bringing people together in social settings or family outings. The game is popular for its fast-paced gameplay, which requires swift reflexes and precise shooting skills. It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities and has become a popular wheelchair game used in senior Olympics and physical therapy sessions worldwide.

What is BulletBall?

BulletBall is an intriguing and unique sport that combines elements of table tennis with a twist. It is played on a small rectangular table with two players seated on opposite sides.

Like table tennis, the game aims to swiftly return the ball to your opponent’s coloured side of the circular table. The first player to hit their opponent’s triangular service area by hitting their ball into it wins the match.

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Players can employ various techniques to manipulate the ball's trajectory and speed, including continuously moving the ball back and forth between the opposing sides of the table with their hands or arms.

BulletBall was designed to be played comfortably and competitively—a player may decide whether to sit or stand while playing.

The height of a BulletBall table is designed to accommodate a standard wheelchair, facilitating easy mobility beneath it. The side rails prevent the ball from rolling off the table while creating strategic gameplay opportunities.

How do you play BulletBall?

Kids playing BulletBall sports game. Photo: BulletBall Table Sport Game on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Below are simple steps to follow to play the game.

  1. Set up the BulletBall table: Place the small rectangular table with a hole in the centre in a suitable location. Ensure that both players have access to their curved paddles.
  2. Decide on the game format: Determine the number of rounds or set a time limit.
  3. Begin the game: Players take turns hitting the small ball with their curved paddles, aiming to get it through the hole in the centre of the table.
  4. Score points: Players earn points each time they successfully get the ball through the hole. The specific scoring system may vary depending on the agreed-upon rules.
  5. Continue playing: Alternate turns between players until all rounds are completed or the time limit expires.
  6. Determine the winner: At the end of the game, the player with the most points is declared the winner.

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Who invented BulletBall?

In the mid-1980s, Marc Griffin and his former spouse, Delores Griffin, developed BulletBall as a pastime activity. Initially, Marc's circle of friends and relatives became the first to play BulletBall. They played it during weekends and holiday gatherings with friends and family.

21st Ward Alderman Antonio French with the Griffin brothers in front of the BulletBall game (L). A group of men playing a BullettBall game. Photo: BulletBall Table Sport Game (modified by author)
Source: UGC

In 2006, Griffin was featured in the reality show American Inventor. He discussed the challenges he faced while creating and maintaining the game. For instance, he resigned from his job and sold his assets, such as his car, house, and wife's wedding ring, to sustain BulletBall's operations.

Though he did not win the competition, his appearance on American Inventor was enough to keep him going and from giving up. His painful experience on the show made him famous, nicknamed ‘BulletBall guy’.

BulletBall as an Inclusion Sport

The National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability (NCHPAD) acknowledged BulletBall as an Inclusive Sport. This recognition marked a significant transformation for the game, elevating it from a failed invention to a meaningful activity that can be enjoyed by individuals of all abilities and fostering unity between abled and differently-abled players.

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Following a decade of refining the game, Griffin authored Endless Dreams. The book tells the story of his journey in developing the game and emphasises the importance of faith and perseverance in achieving one's dreams.

What equipment do you need to play BulletBall?

To play BulletBall, you need a tabletop, a small ball, and two curved paddles mounted on opposite ends of the table. The table typically has a hole in the centre for the ball to pass through.

BulletBall is the new therapeutic table sport invented by Mark Griffin. It is played on a small rectangular table with two players seated on opposite sides. The sport can be played either standing or seated, indoors or outdoors, by individuals of all ages and of varying levels of upper-body mobility.

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