MOJEC meter codes and troubleshooting: why my meter showing failed

MOJEC meter codes and troubleshooting: why my meter showing failed

Electricity is an essential source of energy for both domestic and industrial use. There are several electricity prepaid meter companies in Nigeria, but one of the most common is MOJEC. With most electricity distribution companies preferring to use MOJEC prepaid meters, as a user, it is crucial to understand the MOJEC meter codes, errors, and possible solutions.

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MOJEC meter codes are used to perform various tasks, such as checking balance and recharging tokens. Photo: @MOJECMeter on Facebook (modified by author)
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An electricity prepaid meter enables you to purchase electricity units of whatever amount you prefer, depending on your budget. They have become common in Nigeria since most electricity distribution companies prefer them to post-paid meters. However, users have had their fair share of challenges with the meters, especially MOJEC, the most popular one. Interpreting MOJEC meter codes improves its usage and functionality.

MOJEC prepaid meter codes

MOJEC meter codes are a combination of numbers used to instruct the prepaid meter. As a user, you dial the codes on the Customer User Interface (CUI) or User Interface Unit (UIU), commanding the meter to perform certain functions. Different electricity distribution companies use MOJEC prepaid meters, and the codes may vary depending on the region and distribution company.

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AEDC prepaid meter codes

Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) is a major power distributor in Niger, Kogi, and Nasarawa States. AEDC MOJEC prepaid meter users within the regions should familiarise themselves with the following codes.

009Credit balance
040Credit amount
070Current date
100Meter number
048Emergency credit
200Previous charged date
202Previous charged credit
032Total charging amount
045Disable audio alarm
201Previous charged time
203Previous charged token

Ikeja Electric prepaid meter codes

Ikeja Electric (IE) is another power distribution company using MOJEC prepaid meters. Its coverage areas are the northern part of Lagos State and sections of Ogun State. Below are its meter codes and meanings.

004Total import energy
009Credit balance
040Credit amount
448Current month's active total energy

MOJEC prepaid meter error codes

Like other gadgets, the MOJEC prepaid meters sometimes have hitches or experience faults and problems. When such issues occur, a user will see an error code on the meter’s display unit.

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Meter boxes on a wall of an old building
An error code appears on a meter whenever there is a fault. Photo:, @gezelremy
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The error codes indicate the meter is faulty or the user has performed an incorrect procedure. Here is a list of common error codes, meanings, and possible solutions.

  • Error 1 – This error code indicates an issue with the Random Access Memory (RAM). In most situations, solving the problem is beyond the user's ability, and calling the company for help is recommended.
  • Error 2 – This is an Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory Error (EEPROM). This technical fault causes your Read Only Memory (ROM) to erase or reprogram. It is advisable to call your service provider for assistance whenever you see the error.
  • Error 3 – This error indicates a power diode failure. An excessive forward current or a large reverse voltage causes it. A qualified electrical technician can fix the problem but can call the service provider for assistance.
  • Error 6 – A MOJEC prepaid meter showing failed may be due to either using the wrong key or the key associated with the meter having a problem. To solve it, call the company.
  • Error 10 – This error indicates a problem with the meter number. If the keys are not clear, clean them and try again. If the problem persists, call the service provider for assistance.
  • Error 12 – This is a key pass error. You may have entered an invalid key. Repeat ensuring you enter the right keys, but if the error persists, contact support for help.

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Resetting MOJEC prepaid meter

Sometimes, prepaid meter errors can frustrate you when you have tried all the tricks, but they seem to recur. Resetting your meter as a last resort before seeking assistance could help. Here are the steps for the MOJEC prepaid meter reset.

  1. Dial 990 and press the enter key.
  2. Dial 0000, then the enter key. The word 'Good' should be displayed.
  3. Dial 999, then the enter key. The word Reset should be displayed.
  4. Unplug the CIU, and then plug it in.
  5. Load the token again. The meter should function properly.

MOJEC customer care contacts

In some instances, resetting the prepaid meter would be in vain. If the errors persist, contacting MOJEC customer care for assistance is recommended. The company’s offices are in Lagos and Abuja. If you have queries or concerns, you can seek assistance from the company by calling:

  • 014538014
  • 014538015
  • 08174589132
  • 09169973148

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Why is my prepaid meter showing failed?

A possible cause of a failed meter could be a mismatch between the meter serial number of the token and the physical meter number on the meter.

Why is my prepaid meter not supplying power?

If your prepaid meter is not powered, use a battery. Alternatively, you can connect it directly to a socket if it does not have a battery.

What are the options for Ikeja Electric prepaid payment?

You can pay for Ikeja Electric using multiple methods, including the USSD code *565*6*0013*MeterNo/AccountNo/Amount#

How do I stop my MOJEC meter from beeping?

To silence your meter when it is beeping due to low tokens, dial 045 and press Enter. It will go silent.

How do I check my MOJEC meter units?

To check your prepaid meter balance, dial 009 and press the Enter key. The balance will be displayed on the device’s screen.

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MOJEC meter codes perform different essential tasks on the prepaid meter. You can use the codes to recharge the token, check the balance, disable the alarm, and check the meter number. Sometimes, using the codes may not be smooth, and whenever error messages appear, you should not panic but contact the service provider for assistance.

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