Top 5 roles of the Nigerian Navy 2022: What are their duties?

Top 5 roles of the Nigerian Navy 2022: What are their duties?

Do you know the 5 roles of the Nigerian Navy? Many people recognise Navy officers in their white uniform. While it is largely believed they only wear white, these officers have uniforms in other colours, depending on their rank and duties. These officers are primarily based on the sea, where they use maritime power to protect the country.

5 functions of nigerian navy
The Nigerian Navy logo. Photo: @nigeriannavyhq
Source: UGC

The public should know the 5 roles of the Nigerian Navy. This information is necessary for all patriotic citizens. If you are unfamiliar with these duties, read on to discover them.

Roles of the Nigerian Navy in 2022

The 5 functions of the Nigerian Navy are explored below.

1. Naval defence

One of the functions of the Navy in Nigeria is to defend and maintain the sovereignty of the country's waters. It is responsible for protecting the country from any threats within its domain.

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Nigeria borders the Atlantic ocean. It has a coastline of approximately 853km. It is not unusual for attacks on countries to be launched through water channels. The Navy ensures the safety of the country from such threats. It also protects it from internal attacks.

2. Policing duties

One of the roles and functions of the Navy is to maintain law and order within the internal and territorial waters, contiguous zones, and exclusive economic zones. It enforces and assists in the coordination of national and international maritime laws acceded to by the country.

It ensures that all laws related to water bodies are followed. For instance, the coastal state has various living and non-living resources, which can only be protected by these officers.

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functions of the navy in nigeria
A grey and brown battle tank on a body of water. Photo:, @Athena
Source: UGC

3. Diplomatic duties

Another role of the Nigerian Navy department is to ensure and protect the country's prestige. Relevant officials represent and protect the interests of the nation, initiate and facilitate strategic agreements, and promote friendly relations with other countries.

4. Training and equipping combat-ready naval forces

The Navy has training centres or camps where qualified people undergo training. The training offered is rigorous. It includes seamanship, physical fitness, firearm handling, shipboard damage control, teamwork, and discipline.

5. Control of shipping

One of the duties of the Nigerian Navy is exercising control of shipping. It is responsible for the movement, routing, and convoy organisation of ships. It is also involved in the tactical diversion of allied merchant shipping. However, it does not employ shipping personnel.

duties of nigerian navy
A grey galleon ship on the water. Photo:, @Inge Wallumrød
Source: UGC

How long is Nigerian Navy training?

The length of training varies depending on the particular area of training. Some programmes may take as little as two weeks, while others may take much longer.

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How many bases are in the Nigerian Navy?

There are seven bases in the Navy. The Naval Headquarters are located in Abuja. The other command centres are located in Lagos, Oguta, Calabar, Lekki, Kano, and Bayelsa. The Lekki, Oguta and Kano bases were established in 2021.

Does the Navy fight on land?

No, the Navy does not fight on land unless the situation demands so. Instead, it handles operations on and under the sea or other water bodies.

Where is Nigerian Navy Training located?

The training bases are located in Abuja, Lagos, Oguta, Calabar, Lekki, Kano, and Bayelsa. The headquarters are located in Abuja.

What is the major function of the Nigerian Navy?

The main function of the Navy in Nigeria is to defend and maintain the sovereignty of the country's water bodies.

What is the motto of the Nigerian Navy?

The motto is Onward Together. The officers are required to work together.

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What are the functions of the Navy?

The roles of the Nigerian Navy include naval defence, policing, diplomatic roles, training and equipping combat-ready naval forces, and controlling shipping.

Understanding the 5 roles of the Nigerian Navy is important for all citizens. This information will be handy if you wish to join the Navy.

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