Most hated zodiac sign: top 5 least liked astrological signs ranked

Most hated zodiac sign: top 5 least liked astrological signs ranked

Everyone has weird tiny quirks that drive other people crazy. It is just part of being human, as everyone has their preferences. However, a few unfortunate personality traits are often displayed by a group of people related to a particular astrological sign. As a result, the astrological group ends up being the most hated zodiac sign.

Most hated zodiac sign
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What are zodiac signs? Geographically, these are the twelve thirty-degree sectors that make up earth's 360-degree orbit around the sun. Astrological signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. It is believed that these particular signs influence one's behaviours and characteristics.

What are the hated zodiac signs?

While such an aspect is likely to be highly opinionated, these zodiacs are based on typical personality traits and behaviours. No matter where one falls on this spectrum, there is always room for improvement. Many people think they can use their zodiac signs as a reason to act foolishly, but that is just an unacceptable excuse.

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Which are the top 5 most hated zodiac signs?

Based on recurring traits displayed by these signs, we have compiled a list showcasing a definitive ranking of the most hated zodiacs. They include:

5. Scorpio

Even though the Scorpios appear last in this list, their razor-sharp tongue often means that they are a force to be reckoned with and one to be avoided. Talk of aggressive signs. In other words, they are insensitive bulldozers.

People belonging to this water sign are known for being extreme straight talkers. As a result, they hurt other people's feelings without showing any remorse for their actions. On the other hand, however, they are known for being passionate about their loved ones.

Most hated zodiac sign
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4. Aries

Why are Aries so hated? People of this fire sign often display the personality trait of always blaming others purposely to drive them away. More like introverts, their intensity and overwhelming confidence often drive people away.

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In addition to that, they are known for scary fits of rage and anger that scare people away. Categorised as one of the angriest zodiacs, Aries people are unpredictable and could quickly explode like a volcano.

3. Leo

Another fire sign known and disliked by many is Leo. People under this sign are commonly known to be extreme over-doers. The question, however, is why are Leos so hated? People belonging to this fire sign are known for being unbearable and overly competitive in aspects of life.

This results from their crushing attitude and the need always to outshine other people in all aspects of life. Additionally, their confident persona is frequently regarded as fake as most of them let their guard down whenever they face defeat.

Most Leos are always opinionated and find other people less appealing than theirs.

2. Virgo

Most hated zodiac sign: top 5 least liked astrological signs ranked
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The Virgos are placed in second place as the most hated zodiac. They are known for icy personalities, snobbishness, and overly judging others. Even though their icy personality is something that many might disapprove of, the truth is that these Virgo natives use this as a defence mechanism.

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On the other hand, when not triggered, Virgos are known to be shy characters who instead choose to be alone than where people are. They are also reportedly too judgmental beings.

1. Gemini

What is the most hated zodiac sign? At the first position sits Gemini. Although it is a fascinating zodiac represented by the twins, it combines two extremes, resulting in a turbulent personality. The question, however, is why are Geminis hated?

People often find Gemini natives unpredictable as they never show their next move. Consequently, they easily manipulate people and have them wrapped around their fingers. Their unpredictable character and mood swings mean that they are hard to be around.

Which is the most hated female zodiac sign?

If you are one person interested in astrology, you might wonder which zodiacs are loved and disliked. For example, the most hated female zodiac is Scorpio, while the least disliked is Libra.

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Scorpio - Deceptive and controlling

Most hated female zodiac sign
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Scorpio females are the most disliked zodiac for women because they are known for deception, control, and secretiveness. These ladies are known for often deceiving others, yet have a problem she is the victim.

They love to be worshipped as they often display a hunger for power. They crave control and will do just anything to eliminate anyone who comes on their way. Additionally, Scorpio ladies are known for taking control of men. Unless they are entirely committed to a particular guy, these women are likely to be unfaithful and take pleasure in covering up their infidelity cases.

Which is the most hated male zodiac sign?

Among all the twelve zodiac signs, the most hated male one is Gemini. Geminis are notoriously two-faced.

Every Gemini man is said to be two-faced. But that can be justified by the fact that twins represent it. Unlike women born under this sign, every Gemini man is complex, with multiple personalities.

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In addition to that, these males are said to be excellent liars and manipulators. In terms of relationships, they can do what it takes to make a woman fall for them, and once they get what they want, they would leave like they were never there.

Which zodiac gets annoyed easily?

Most hated male zodiac sign
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Virgo. Both male and female Virgos are known to be short-tempered. They get angry very quickly and make decisions they would regret later.

What signs get bored easily?

The Aries. Whether males or females, Aries people are known for their intense love of experiencing being in love. However, they quickly get bored as they are often impatient, especially in relationships. As a result, they end up making rash decisions that later force them to leave a growing relationship.

This ranking of the most hated zodiac signs is just but an assumption based on recurring typical personality traits and behaviours of particular astrological signs. That said, it is not given that all of the people under those signs are mean and deceitful.

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