Most popular dere types found in anime and manga explained

Most popular dere types found in anime and manga explained

There are different dere types that we have seen on our screens, and some are more common than others. They all follow specific personality patterns, so it is quite easy to know most, if not all, of them.

dere types

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Dere types are archetypes that are assigned to different characters in both anime and manga productions. Each type of dere has different behavioral traits and patterns that define their personality and how they act.

Popular dere types in anime and manga

The word dere is short for deredere. The various types of dere will always be romantic candidates for the main character, no matter what. After all, the deredere meaning is lovey-dovey or love-struck.

Below is a lost of the most common types of deres in alphabetical order:

1. Bakadere


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What is a Bakadere? It is a commonly used archetype that refers to a personality that is very clumsy and stupid.

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The name is a compound of baka which means stupid or moron and deredere which means lovey-dovey.

For the most part, they are very innocent and sweet, but their stupidity outshines their other attributes.

2. Bodere

deredere meaning

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The Bodere archetype has a personality that is really shy and uses violence as a way to cope with shyness. The first part of the word, that is, bo means to rant and the suffix means love-struck.

This character does not know how to handle their embarrassment, so they use their fists instead of their words.

3. Byoukidere


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The Byoukidere archetype has a personality that is usually very sweet and kind but suffers from some sickness or disease. Usually, the sickness if fatal.

They are often frail and weak physically.

4. Dandere

dandere meaning

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The Dandere is a type of character that retains a distinctive personality. They remain calm and quiet and avoid contact with others because they are shy.

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They seem to be cut off from society but are charming in some way. However, when they are alone with the person they are attracted to, they usually come out of their shell and show their active side.

They usually wear glasses and can be talkative when they talk about something they are passionate about.

Dandere meaning is derived from danmari which means silent and the same suffix, dere, that is used in all other types of deres.

5. Darudere

types of dere

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The Darudere has a personality that is very lazy and acts tired every time. They are even nonchalant with the one they are attracted to and only show emotions when it is necessary.

The word is a compound of two words; the first is darui which means slow and sluggish.

6. Hajidere

dere types

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The Hajidere is a character that is very nervous and embarrassed around the person they are interested in. They will easily blush whenever they are close to the person they are attracted to, and might even faint from being so bashful.

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The first part of the word is derived from the word haji which translates to embarrassment.

7. Himedere

The Himedere has a notable personality that wants to be treated like a princess at all times, even if they are not royalty. They like to command and rule over others.

Typically, they are daughters of the rich. The terminology's first part is coined from the word hime which means princess.

8. Hinedere

types of dere

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The Hinedere are characters with cynical world views. They are cold-hearted and very arrogant.

On the flip side, they have a soft side deep down and this side may reveal itself after their crush breaks through.

9. Kamidere


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A Kamidere character is a character with a god complex. Kami is the Japanese word for god.

This type of personality is not restricted to a specific gender and often just craves power more than a love interest. They are very arrogant and believe that they are the greatest creation in the world.

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Their personality is not always true. Sometimes it is just an act. When their crush shows interest in them, the act is broken and their authentic selves shine.

10. Kanedere

types of dere

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A Kanedere is a type of character that cares more about power, money, and possessions. They care less about your personality and behavior towards them.

They are generally ambivalent and do not care about a person unless they have money. They have mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about someone they love.

11. Kuudere

What is a Kuudere? It is a type of character with a distinctive personality. At the beginning of the story, they appear to be cold, cynical, and unapproachable.

They may seem very emotionless on the outside, but on the inside, they are very caring, at least when it comes to their crush.

Kuudere meaning is cool, which in Japanese sounds as Kuu.

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12. Mayadere

Mayaderes are characters that begin the series as antagonists. They will fall in love with the main character, but that does not mean they will switch sides and are willing to kill their love interest if they feel betrayed.

13. Nyandere

Nyandere characters have traits similar to cats, such as cat ears or a cattail. They usually end their sentence by adding “nyan” at the end.

The first part of the word, nyan, is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of a cat.

14. Oujidere

dere types

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What is a Oujidere? This is one of the most common male dere types, whose behavior is very flirty. They like to be treated like a prince by the person they love and the other people around them.

They do not have to be royalty but just want their love interest to treat them as such.

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15. Sadodere

A Sadodere loves to manipulate in sadistic ways. Sado comes from Sadomasochism and describes the personality of a cruel person.

This personality gets pleasure from putting their crush in a tough situation that either causes them pain or humiliation. The type of pain can either be physical or emotional.

They lack empathy for others but only take interest in those they value.

16. Shundere


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A Shundere suffers from depression and is sad throughout the series. Shun comes from the Japanese sound shun which is used to represent sadness.

They do not always need to have a reason to be sad, as most just have a depressing aura around them.

Although a full smile on their face might be out of the question, their crush can assist them to open up and feel more accepted.

17. Tsundere

What is a Tsundere? Tsundere definition is a character that tends to treat the one they love very poorly. They are initially cold and even hateful towards the person.

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Sometimes this is because they first hated the person and eventually came to love them as the series goes on. Sometimes, it is because that is the only way they know how to react.

Tsundere anime is possibly one of the most popular or simply most used character types in anime and manga.

The character will get upset and flustered, possibly cause physical harm to the one they love, and then call them stupid.

Tsundere meaning: The prefix tsun comes from the word tsuntsun which means aloof.

18. Undere

types of deres

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An Undere is a character that says yes to everything the one they love says. They can even agree to a request or order to murder a person with the aim of getting the closest they possibly can to their crush.

19. Utsudere

An Utsudere is a character that is is often sad and depressed. There is a reason for the character’s despair, for instance, being bullied at school.

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Even if their life improves, they are often wary of others’ motives. This word is a compound of utsu, which means depression, and dere, meaning to be love struck.

20. Yandere

What is a Yandere? Yandere meaning is a character that is nice and sweet at first but they eventually become dark and obsessive over their crush.

They tend to become stalkers and often use violence on, and possibly even kill, any person who appears to be getting close to their love interest.

Interestingly, they are sometimes too shy to simply approach and talk to the one they are attracted to.

This word comes from yanderu which translates to being mentally or emotionally sick.

As the anime community grows, the universe will get to see more character archetypes in the future. Meanwhile, the above are the most popular dere types that you should know.

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