Kanu writes open letter to EU

Kanu writes open letter to EU

Editor's note: Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was invited to address the European Parliament in Strasbourg on February 3, Wednesday.

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the director of the Radio Biafra Nnamdi Kanu, who was arrested in the mid of October last year, writes an open letter to European Parliament. Kanu asks the global community for fair assessment of Buhari and justice in his case.

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Kanu writes open letter to EU
Founder of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu during his appearance on treasonable charges at the Federal High Court Abuja. Photo: The Punch


I am that Biafran locked up in DSS custody for 98 days without trial

Firstly, I wish to thank this honorable parliament, representatives of member nations and all her leaders. On the defense of rule of law and human right this parliament thrived. The making of a better world where mankind shall be free, easy life and prosperous world had been the banner of this parliament and never shall diplomacy or any form of tie cause a deviation or severe the cause of this great parliament.

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I am a Biafran, I am that Biafran locked up in Buhari’s DSS dungeon for 98 days without trial, given inhuman treatments, tortured and abused. I am that Biafran competent courts of jurisdiction freed but Buhari by his powers held me illegally. I am that Biafran that left his wife suffers the pains of child birth alone. I am that Biafran his newly delivered wife is still having emotional trauma and mental torture of losing her husband to time or death.

I am that Biafran that never killed a man or man killed for me

I am that Biafran this parliament gave right to agitate for freedom, UN charter told to demand for freedom, Nigerian constitution also told to agitate for Biafra, when I did what the law said I should do, I was thrown into the prison without asking me what I want or how my want can be addressed. I am that Biafran that never killed a man or man killed for me, that Biafran that only stood a radio station as a weapon to fight for freedom, that Biafran that cherished freedom of speech, that Biafran that is persecuted because of truth. I am Nnamdi Kanu that Biafran Nigerian government under Buhari unlawfully oppressed.

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I am that Biafran his 7 years old child was shot to death in Aba, that Biafran his brothers and sisters were massacred in Onitsha. I am that Biafran his people were again massacred in Aba, that Biafran his people are being kidnapped, extra-judiciary killed and illegally imprisoned by Buhari. I am that Biafran who Buhari illegally ordered soldiers of Gowon to invade my land and slaughter my children, sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers in their millions in 1967. I am that Biafran his people are being marginalized, subjugated and enslaved just because they fought a war and lost, instead of healing and forgiving us, they chose to keep punishing us.

Biafrans are losing their lives for lawfully asking a legal course

Before Buhari addresses this honorable parliament, let him be assessed and subjected to scrutiny, that he may not infect this honorable parliament with dishonor, lawlessness and primitive tendencies. Under his words, over 1000 innocent men and women lost their lives because of his political ambition in 2011 and today more Biafrans are losing their lives for lawfully asking a legal course.

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This parliament having warned of human right abuses by Nigeria, Buhari has gone on without discretion in handling of call for Biafran independence which fully contradicts the ethics of this honorable parliament, hence I call for a discrete advise or compel him to respect human life and do the needful- referendum for Biafra and release his prisoner of conscience or a political prison without odds or record of unlawful act.

We are Biafrans condemned by Nigerian government

The treatment of Kanu represents how Biafrans are treated in Nigeria, we are Biafrans, condemned by Nigerian government and deprived of right to live, speech, belong, freedom and thrive. Even-though our land feed the country, our land is marginalized as diseases, contaminated land, bad roads, lack of infrastructure and social amenities bedevil us as virtually removed from federation. This federal absence left our land in decay that we today seek freedom to have a nation to call a home and enjoy human right which gives meaning to life. Thanks, yours faithfully, Nnamdi Kanu in Ifeanyi Chijioke of Family Writers.

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