Sagir Muhammad reveals Kanu’s secret plan

Sagir Muhammad reveals Kanu’s secret plan

- The hidden agenda of Kanu and IPOB

- An upsurge in the activities of the insurgents


Alhaji Sagir Muhammad, the leader of defunct Arewa Peoples Congress, in the interview granted to the Vanguard, has stated that Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and their leader Nnamdi Kanu has a secret agenda.

Muhammad, also known as a front line General Ibrahim Babangida supporter, said "their hidden agenda is to declare Biafra and then go recolonize the South-South.”

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"They would go and within a question of less than one month they would capture all those South-South and colonise the oil fields that is the agenda of IPOB. If you look at the East, it is land-locked; they don’t have any serious minerals apart from coal.

"Even the geography and geology of the East is so poor that even to build a good house they cannot unless you build a house in a bush because it’s all bush, it’s all forested and that is why you find the majority of the elite Igbo are now half of the owners of the houses in Abuja.

"If the Indigenous People of Biafra are now saying that they want to have Biafra what are you going to do with more than three quarters of the Igbo who are outside the East?

"Those in Kano, those in Lagos what are you going to do with then? Will you take all those people back to Biafra? They have no houses to live, they have no means of livelihood. They make money outside and not in the East so you find that they are crawling into fantasy world.”

Muhammad also expressed his thoughts about an upsurge in the activities of the insurgents despite claims that they have been technically defeated.

He said that the insurgency is the most difficult aspect of military operation.

“You don’t know your enemy, you don’t know where he is, you don’t know the kind of tactics he uses which is not conventional tactics, you don’t know the kind of logistic he uses and you don’t know where the logistics are or where they are hidden,” Muhammad added.

The former Arewa leader supported the idea of the dialogue with the insurgents.

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“If there is no dialogue how do you stop the remnants, supporters, children of those killed from metamorphosing into another insurgents? There has to be a way of making them know that what they are doing is not helping them and that their concept of Jihad is off mark,” he said.

Since the arrest of IPOB leader in October last year, young people, mainly from Igbos, have been protesting in south-east Nigeria and the oil-rich Delta region.

The activists claim that they have been discriminated against by those in power.

The Nigerian government has always claimed that most of the issues the Biafra activists are complaining about are not unique to southern part of the country.


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