Seven Exciting Things You Can Do In Lagos Traffic

Seven Exciting Things You Can Do In Lagos Traffic

These days, using the words Lagos and Traffic in the same sentence might be seen as tautology, because Lagos has become synonymous with traffic.

Seven Exciting Things You Can Do In Lagos Traffic
Lagos in many quarters is seen as a synonym for traffic.

It is everywhere you go and often throughout the entire day. A recent study shows that, if you stay in Lagos all your life you are likely to spend a quarter of it in traffic, more proofs might be needed on that.

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However, since nothing can be done yet about the traffic situation, how can you put it to good use? We have endeavored to show you seven things you can do to make the time pass quickly and productively.


This is vital, most times you have to leave home early, so you can get to work, school and other destinations on time. However, regardless, you might still get stuck in traffic.

This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep. Studies show that lack of adequate sleep is harmful to the health, so please take that much needed shuteye.

2. EAT

Proper nutrition is essential, and most people miss out on meals, when trying to beat the craziness, that is Lagos traffic. While your options may be limited, and you have to be careful of hygiene, you could take a snack. It helps to ease the mind and fill the stomach. And there are plenty of snacks on the average Lagos road.

Seven Exciting Things You Can Do In Lagos Traffic
You can always get to it if you are stuck in Lagos traffic, many Lagosians do.


This is for everyone, reading material from your child’s exams and test scores, to novels, newspapers and motivational books or even the holy bible and religious tracts are perfect for consumption, when commuting. Use the time to read. Readers are leaders, and besides you are stuck in traffic, why not make the time productive.


For lovers of music, a busy schedule can wreak havoc on your library. Most times you are too busy to download the latest songs and listen. Well, being stuck in traffic comes in handy; you can easily update your music library and listen to the latest jams. Just don’t forget your headphones at home.


There is a 50% chance that you will not be home in time for that hot meal, or might not make it to that date. However, you can get very creative especially in this era when the internet can make virtually everything possible. How about an e-date, you and that special one get to go on a date via the net, clink glasses and make a toast with beautiful images shared. Just thinking out of the box.

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For those without any special one, there is a 70% chance you'll be sitting next to some pretty lady/guy. It doesn't matter who says hi first, we are done with that era when they say you can only find love at the workplace, religious centre, school, and all other "ideal places", push the boundaries.

Must not always be something romantic though, there is a lot one can chat about in a bus while stuck in Lagos traffic.


Most of us have one favorite series we watch and don’t want to miss, but a busy schedule could sometimes cause us to miss an episode or two. Why don’t you use the time you have in traffic to catch up?

Seven Exciting Things You Can Do In Lagos Traffic
If you have your favorite seasonal on your device, then you don't have any problem while in Lagos traffic, just be sure you have battery power and watch away the time.


Well, you probably can’t use a pen and paper, unless you are in a private vehicle. But for the creative ones, it is a perfect time to write, and put down ideas. The average Lagos road is filled with prompts and ideas, objects, people and sights that can jolt you into writing beautifully, so use it.

Have we missed anything you feel one can do in Lagos traffic, do let us have your take, share with us what you think we have missed-out in this review.


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