Meaning of Sacrosanct and its usage

Meaning of Sacrosanct and its usage

Have you ever heard the unknown word that sounds interesting but you have no idea what it means, and how to use it? We will help you! Today’s word is “sacrosanct”. What is the meaning of sacrosanct? Find out how and when to use this word, and make your vocabulary richer!

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Sacrosanct: what does this word mean and how to use it in speech?

This word is an adjective used in combination with nouns. It is pronounced as /ˈseɪkrə(ʊ)saŋ(k)t/ or /ˈsakrə(ʊ)saŋ(k)t/. It derives from the Latin word sacrosanctus, which is made up of two parts: “sacro” and “sanctus”, meaning “by a sacred rite” and “sacred” respectively.

These two words were combined together to make up a phrase “hallowed by a sacred rite”. Basically, sacrosanct means something especially sacred, with doubled sacredness. The history of the word traces to the late 15th century. The word was first used in 1601, as the historical notes indicate.

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Here, we will give you some meanings of sacrosanct and ways to use this word in your everyday or written language.

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Sacrosanct word definition

The word sacrosanct has a few definitions:

  • Too valuable and important to interfere with.
  • Extremely sacred or holy, that cannot be violable. Used in relation to some objects or connotations.
  • Not allowing trespassing or entering.
  • Beyond any kind of criticism or change.

It can be used for describing a quality of a thing, place or person which is incredibly important. Also, it can be used in a casual way – like, for example, when the mother puts her children to bed, this is emotionally a sacrosanct ritual for her. The instructions of the boss can be sacrosanct for an employee. Family dinner can be sacrosanct, and your parents will be annoyed when it is interrupted by phone calls.

According to the Merriam-Webster thesaurus, the word has got a large number of synonyms, which will probably help you understand the meaning better. Here are some of them:

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  • blessed
  • sacred
  • holy
  • sanctified
  • consecrate
  • hallowed

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Sacrosanct opposite meaning

The word sacrosanct also has a large number of antonyms and near antonyms. Some of the near antonyms of this word are:

  • mundane
  • secular
  • profane
  • earthly
  • worldly
  • temporal
  • unspiritual
  • nonreligious

The full antonyms of this word are:

  • desacralized
  • unhallowed
  • deconsecrated
  • unconsecrated
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Sacrosanct number meaning

If something is really important to you and holds the first and main place in your list of priorities, you can describe it as sacrosanct. You can use it for description of something “first” and primary. So, if this word has a number meaning, this would definitely be number one.

Sacrosanct relationship meaning

If we describe a relationship between two people or other forms of existence using the word sacrosanct, it means that there is something especially sacred and important about this relationship, which can also be significant to the society. This can be used to refer to a human’s relationship with the church, or a special bond between parents and their children, or a connection between the owner and the dog.

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Sacrosanct system definition

When it is used to refer to a system, this means that the system is unable to be ruined or destroyed. It can also mean that the system is eternal and valuable, and no one can interfere with it.

We can describe a certain custom that has been in the society for years as sacrosanct. For example, the custom of children going to school is impossible to be changed, and it holds its cultural value and meaning, so it is sacrosanct. You can also describe something vital with this word. For instance, the transport means in every city are sacrosanct, because without them, people would be unable to go to work and city life would stop circulating.

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Religious sacrosanct meaning

This word has a close connection with religion, as it basically means sacred and holy. So, it can be used in many religious contexts. For instance, the Sunday church service is considered to be sacrosanct, because it is an important ritual that holds a cultural and historical value, and cannot be changed or postponed. Basically, many connotations connected with religion can be described as sacrosanct.

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Here is a full article about the meaning and use of the word sacrosanct. Hopefully, you enjoyed the new information and can freely add this word to your vocabulary to expand it!

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