O.C. Ukeje reveals he has a crush on Chidinma

O.C. Ukeje reveals he has a crush on Chidinma

Popular singer, Chidinma Ms Kedike seems to be getting a lot of attention from her fellow male celebs.

In a recent interview, Nollywood actor O.C. Ukeje revealed he has a crush on the singer.

See excerpts from the interview:

On how growing up was like for him?


Growing up was a period of mixed feelings. Mixed feelings in the sense that there were different seasons of my period of growing up. My father was a caterer before he passed and there was a season when we lost everything and we had to live with my cousins and there were fourteen in all, it was definitely the roughest season of our lives.

There was a season were it turned to fights between what we had and for the family business because of the level of lack and the level of poverty, and then there was a season of worse when my dad passed you probably because of the troubles we’ve had and all, then came a season when things started to get better for some strange reason.

So growing up was mixed with all sorts of things, I learnt to be self sufficient and not dependent on anyone, we learnt to manage our resources and exactly what we had, I remember my mum always saying “ be judicial in your spending’ I can never forget that sentence in my whole life, she said that all the time. She taught me and my siblings to never covet other people’s things, so I can say my mother invested a lot of interesting ideas into us. Growing up was crazy but we survived it.

On how many female crushes he got?

Well I had, and you know because of the school mother concept I had a lot of girls who wanted to be my school mothers. At a time, I think I had three of them and one was a hausa chick , her name just barely skipped my mind but yeah I had “school mothers”.

Then one of the girls that I had a huge crush on, her older  sister was like my school aunty, her name I remember clearly “Teni” because her sister was my classmate and I a huge crush on her because she was super cute he name was “ Toyin Alabi” I don’t know if she is married now, she probably is, but you know that’s how it went.

On Who his crush is in the entertainment industry at the moment?

I would say Chidinma Ekile, she is all forms of cute.


Source: Legit.ng

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