PDP Chieftain Accuses Buhari Of Pursuing Northenisation Policy Against Igbos And Yorubas

PDP Chieftain Accuses Buhari Of Pursuing Northenisation Policy Against Igbos And Yorubas

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ebonyi state, Chief Abia Onyike, has described the recent appointments by President Muhammadu Buhari as a ploy by the president to Northernise Nigeria.


According to Vanguard,  Onyike said Buhari's mission is a pursuit for the Northernization policy against the South East and South West regions of Nigeria.

Onyike opined that the president is not nationalistic and patriotic in his approach  to national issues, which he suggests calls to question the leadership qualities of the Daura-born leader.

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The statement released by the politician read:“Buhari has ignored the fact that Nigeria is a multi-ethnic nation state. He is deliberately pursuing a Northernization policy of alienating Nigeria’s two other powerful regions – the East and the West.

“By making the sort of appointment he made since assuming the Presidency, he he has shown that he lacks the qualities of a Nationalist and patriot.

“The lopsided appointments portrayed him more as a Northern operative and Caliphate fanatic. As it is now the South East and South South have been vindicated for having viewed his electoral bid very critical

“I made the observation long ago that Buhari was wagging a secret war on the Igbos. His tragic electoral performance in the South East should have cautioned him to make friends with the East instead of becoming fiendish and jittery and planning to annihilate the Igbos politically.

“He has made over 35 appointments since assuming office and made sure nobody from the South East is there. Buhari should not know that Nigeria is a tripod, made up of three regions. Anybody ruling Nigeria must recognize this reality in the interest of peace, equity and fairness.

“The creation of 19 states for the North and manipulation of the census figures by successive military dictatorship headed by Northerners does not make the North superior to other regions.

“And now Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade cannot stand because it is founded on a dubious political pedestal. Buhari wants to use the probe to emasculate his perceived political enemies – the Easterners while his Northern brothers will continue to retain their oil block in a region outside theirs. He wants to be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

"The resources he uses to run the Federal government and maintain the appointment he makes comes from the East yet he robs them to settle his Northern brothers. This is economic brigandage and a more criminal level of political corruption."

So many Nigerians and socio-political groups, have criticised the appointments made by Buhari so far. The Ohaneze Youth Council (OYC) recently expressed deep anger and dissatisfaction with the latest appointments by the president.

While the leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students,  has joined the league of those lambasting Buhari over the alleged lopsidedness in his appointments so far.

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Meanwhile, Nigeria’s former minister of aviation, Olufemi Olu-Kayode, has hailed the appointment of Abba Kyari as the chief of staff to Buhari.  He described Kyari as a good man and one of the brightest minds in the country.

Source: Legit.ng

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