Five Serious Speech Blunders Of President Buhari

Five Serious Speech Blunders Of President Buhari

Everyone makes mistakes. We are all human beings. However, when you are the president of the country the population of which exceeds 170million people, all your actions, including even speech blunders, are never left unnoticed.

Muhammadu Buhari has been travelling a lot recently, especially after the May 29 inauguration. The most widely-publicised trips were carried out to Germany for the G7 Summit and to the United State for a meeting with Barack Obama.

Both were marked by Buhari's slips of the tongue, which some Nigerians tagged as serious errors that must not be made by the politician of his level. The others, however, simply joked about the matter without dramatizing the situation.

See all those things that got Nigeria talking...

1. In the US

Five Serious Speech Blunders Of President Buhari
Muhammadu Buhari visits Barack Obama in the US

Speaking with President Obama about the peaceful power transition in Nigeria, Muhamadu Buhari referred to his party as the All Nigeria's People's Congress.

For some it sounded like a combination of the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party. Headlines screamed that the Nigerian president apparently forgot the name of his party, the opposition party that came to power following the historical elections in the country.

See the video below:

2. In the interview with Al Jazzeera

Following the postponement of the general elections earlier this year at that time the APC presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, expanded the abbreviation INEC as the Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission (when in reality it stands for the Independent National Electoral Commission).

And people in the comments went like:

"I can't really believe my ears. Can this be really true?"

"I covered my face in shame as I watched the interview on aljazeera tv. What a shame to APC n al his supporters."

Not a big deal, said the others.

3. In Oweeri

The presidential candidate, seeking support for his party in Imo state capital, failed to recall correctly the name of his running mate, Yemi Osibanjo.

Instead, he called his right-hand man "Yemi Osinbade" in the course of the big rally attended by the crowd of supporters.

4. In a conversation after the meeting in Germany

Five Serious Speech Blunders Of President Buhari
President Mihammadu Buhari attentds G7 Summit in Germany

Back to the global scale. After the G7 meeting President Buhari was briefing journalists on the outcome, when he suddenly referred to Germany as... "West Germany" (historically, West Germany seized to exist in 1990). In the same speech Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel somehow became "President Michelle of West Germany".

Nigerians lashed out on Buhari:

"Three mistakes in just five words... 'President Michelle of West Germany'? Our president still lives in the stone ages."

"Dear Lord, what sort of embarrassment is this? West Germany? We all thought it was over with Patience Jona, has GMB taken he batton?"

5. In America, again

The Chibok girls abduction is still and will remain a sensitive issue for Nigeria and the whole world until they are rescued. Probably, President Buhari was nervous as he delivered speech at the National Institute of Peace. Anyway, what came out of it was another mistake as the Nigerian leader said that the children had been kidnapped from "their hotels" instead of "hostels".


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