Tonto Dikeh Was At The Brink Of Suicide

Tonto Dikeh Was At The Brink Of Suicide

Famous Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has recalled a tragic episode from her past when she almost took her own life.

The actress took to her instagram on April 22 to talk about how she struggled with being suicidal, being angry all the time, being a ticking time bomb and how she overcame this difficult period of her life.

"Woke up reflecting on who I was and how far I have grown spiritually, womanly & physically. I had so much anger, so much venom, so much hate to give. I didn’t understand why neither did I give a hoot. I thought life was all I saw, most of my anger came from my childhood (but I did have a great hood). Some came from been sick, another came from been motherless, etc.

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"Darlings, I was broken, I was a walking disaster, a ticking time bomb. I was on a suicide part on a regular sigh #Bottom line I saved me, I got to realize that no1 cares about your pain/hurt or life, people already have too much on their plate or are more angry about life than you.

"I came to understand that without me the world would still go on with nothing missed and might even be a better place, you might be missed for a day, week, years... but I bet you going to be so forgotten when its time.

I came to understand that change I needed was inside me, We really don’t maximize our God given authority as Gods creations #PRAYER#

"I came to realise that anger is a more deadly messed up illness than CANCER, my anger was the shield between I and happiness, love, life, etc. I came to realise that my future depends on me letting go of all the hurt/anger/negativity and fully committed to God and living a good life."

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Addressing those who think that she is now born again, Tonto Dikeh wrote:

"I did realise a couple of things about myself, love, God/Allah, food. We are barely existing and not living without God. Good food is fuel for your mind, soul and body.

Release yourself today from your burden/anger/pain and truly discover a life of constant joy in his grace...

I didn't turn born again or nothing I just realised that I AM SPECIAL...Good morning Angels."


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