Man Trekking For Buhari Gets Mouth-Watering Offer

Man Trekking For Buhari Gets Mouth-Watering Offer

Remember the famous man who is trekking all the way from Abuja to Lagos in a bid to fulfill the promise he made if Muhammadu Buhari won the 2015 presidential election? Well! He’s in the news again.

The native of Katsina state who was earlier seen in Niger state, is gaining more popularity, and of course more blessings.

It has been reported by Daily Trust that an Abuja businessman has paid N550,000 to cover one week's accommodation and food for Suleman Hashimu at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja ahead of his arrival.

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Hashimu, 33, who is on a solo trek from Lagos to Abuja to mark General Muhammadu Buhari’s electoral victory, arrived at Lapai in Niger state and is expected to proceed to Lambata town en route to Abuja today. He lodged at the Lapai palace and had to pass two nights there to treat injuries to his legs caused by the long trek from Lagos.

The Katsina native, who started the trek about 13 days ago, was given a royal welcome in Bida and Agaie towns in Niger State as a crowd of admirers, including the emir of Agaie, Alhaji Yusuf Nuhu, gave the traveller a warm reception in his palace.

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When asked why he had embarked on such a mission, Suleiman said he wanted to fulfil a promise he made two years ago.

“I made the promise for this mission to show my love for the leader of the masses, General Muhammadu Buhari, and for the 13-day journey I have embarked upon, I have condemned five pairs of canvass shoes.”

“I made adequate financial provisions for cross-country trek, but since my journey started, I haven’t spent anything from the money since I’ve been warmly welcomed in every town or village I've had passed”, he added.

Hasheem, who is on a record breaking mission, is, however, not aware if Buhari knows of him but with his mission aimed at getting to Abuja before May 29 to celebrate with the new president at his inauguration ceremony, there are high chances of Hasheem meeting with the president-elect.

Buhari was announced as the president-elect of Nigeria on April 1.

He has become the first opposition aspirant to win a presidential poll in the country.


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