Buhari Fails To Turn Up Again At London Meeting

Buhari Fails To Turn Up Again At London Meeting

Gen Muhammadu Buhari the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate disappointed thousands of his UK supporters again yesterday by failing to show up for an interactive session organised in southeast London. 

According to Nigerian Watch, this is the second time within a week that Gen Buhari has failed to show up at meetings organised in London and this is certain to fuel talk about the state of his health and whether he is in the UK for medical reasons.

To rectify the effect of his absence, the party chairman Chief John Oyegun, publicity secretary Alhaji Lai Mohammed and Kaduna State gubernatorial candidate Mallam Nasir El-Rufai stepped in to address the party faithful.

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The event was hosted by Nigerian evangelical church Everlasting Arms Ministries on Old Kent Road in south London, yesterday's interactive session offered members of the APC's UK chapter the opportunity to ask their leaders several questions. Thousands had gathered at the venue hoping to see Gen Buhari himself, only for Chief Oyegun to apologise for his absence saying the general was tied up elsewhere.

Last Saturday, General Buhari similarly failed to attend an interactive session held in central London and his wife Hajiya Aisha Buhari had to stand in for him alongside Mrs Dolapo Osibanjo. Despite being in the UK for almost a week now, Gen Buhari has not been seen in public or addressed any meetings, prompting speculation that he is here on a health visit or simply to rest from the traumas of the recent election campaign.

Chief Oyegun said, however, that General Buhari is in good health and will be available on Thursday when he is billed to speak at Chatham House. He added that the general is in the UK to take his message outside Nigeria and intimate the international community about his plans for the country.

Mallam El-Rufai added: "What Nigeria is going through at the moment is similar to what South Africa faced at the end of apartheid and what China faced after the death of Mao Tse Tung. When nations go through that, they need an older leader who can calm things down and I think General Buhari will do this for Nigeria.  

"He is one of the few people who can guarantee that not a penny will go missing under his watch and also has the maturity to deal with the problems he will inherit. A younger leader would probably lock up all the Jonathanians but an older man will handle it with maturity and Buhari as we all know is not a vengeful man who will want to settle scores with anybody."  

Alhaji Mohammed added that the APC is the only party that can address Nigeria's plethora of socio-economic woes as it conducted a national survey before drawing up its manifesto. He added that this survey showed that three in one Nigerians saw unemployment as the main problem facing the country, while 54% of Nigerians were worried about corruption and 52% wanted security addressed.

One party member who had hoped to see General Buhari in person said he was disappointed that the general did not show but having party leaders step in rectified the effects a little.

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"It was disappointing not to see our general today but it helped that the party leaders stepped in and answered some of the questions we wanted to put to him. At least this is a vast improvement from Saturday when hundreds of party members turned up in central London and many of them were not even allowed in to what became a first ladies exclusive jamboree.

"I had to wait outside and when I went to the organiser Austin Ogaga Amaechi to be let in, he was rude, uncouth, arrogant, condescending, and vulgar and acted in a manner similar to a thug. This time around though, we got to see the party leaders and I look forward to meeting General Buhari on Thursday."  

Alhaji Mohammed pointed out that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) planned to hold a demonstration outside Chatham House when Gen Buhari appears there, so the APC will be ready with its own placards.

However Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state has released proof to back his claim that Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress,(APC) wasn’t interviewed in London.

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