Fayose Shows Proof That Buhari's London Interview Was Fake

Fayose Shows Proof That Buhari's London Interview Was Fake

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state has released proof to back his claim that Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress,(APC) wasn't interviewed in London recently Nigerian Bulletin reports.

Addressing journalists Monday February 23 in Abuja, Governor Fayose dismissed the current picture of a purported interview in London of Buhari, describing it as fake, a fabrication on the part of the APC designed to deceive Nigerians.

According to Vanguard, Governor Fayose said the picture was taken in suite 881 at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja contrary to claims that they came from an interview in London, adding, “the picture which was widely published by the media was taken in suite 881 at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja."

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The Governor yesterday took some journalists to the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja to prove that the photo of Gen Buhari, having an interview with Kemi Fadojutimi on 'All Eyes on Africa' TV show was actually conducted in Abuja and not in London like his media aides claimed. He compared the sofa, paintings, table lamp, the flower vase, the lighting points and DSTV magazine in the suite with what was published in the papers.

He also insisted that Gen. Buhari was sick and not fit to rule the country, and added that all aspiring and incumbent office holders must be made to publish their health status as pre-condition for elective office.

He said, Buhari is on the sick bed at Cavendis Square, London. They should come out and say so. I am not wishing him dead but we have a duty to always speak the truth. The APC have been trying to cover it up by not allowing him travel out but the man knows he is sick and so, he decided to go for medical check.

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“But my argument is that General Buhari is old, even to govern a state. Governing this country needs energy and strength. We don’t want a president that will be inside the house and other people will hijack that government from him and start governing Nigeria as if it is their personal property.

“They will need to educate the people to read between the lines. I am not against General Buhari, there must be a leader at a given time, but the fact remains that he is frail and not strong enough to run the affairs of this country.”

Fayose who insisted that Buhari will not win the Presidential election, said the level of falsehood upon which the APC’s presidential candidate was being projected to Nigerians exposes what he described as the deceitful nature of the opposition.

Fayose maintained that he decided to expose the lies because, “it is high time Nigerian leaders and APC and its presidential candidate learnt to be truthful always.”

According to him, the photograph published of Buhari purportedly in London has once again exposed the lies being bandied about on Buhari by the APC, just as he advised the party and the presidential candidate to toe the path of honour.

Pointing at the setting of the suit 880 at the Hilton Fayose said, “I am not here to deceive Nigerians. They couldn’t find an answer to my allegation. The only thing they could send across is to send this picture in defence of the fact I said General Buhari is in the hospital.

“In my own case, I brought you here to see for yourself. So, for any opposition party in Nigeria, they will stand to tell you why the head should be on the shoulder, why the shoulder should be on the head because they are politicians. But the fact speak for itself. So, I am presenting this for you to see formally so that you can make a judgment.


When asked on whether he sent people to trail Buhari in London, the governor said, “They are entitled to whatever they say. I have said to you, they can’t find answers to a lot of things that I talked about. I come with facts, publish them in newspapers. At General Buhari’s age, I don’t need to run after him. We are playing politics, I need to present before Nigerians facts and figures. My prayer for Buhari is that he should live long in good health.

“And I want to tell you that anybody claiming that I have sent anyone after General Buhari in London is only running his mouth because they can’t find answers to questions begging for answers when I present them to the public. They claimed that they don’t want soldiers for elections; when they win election soldiers are good, but when they lose even when their candidates have conceded, they say soldiers are bad. For them to be doing propaganda I said General Buhari cannot be president because he is being promoted by propaganda. If it’s by vote, General Buhari will not win.

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“I’m telling you again, mark it. I’ve always told you when I left office that I will come back. I didn’t say it a month to election, I’ve been saying it a long time ago that I will come back as governor of Ekiti State. I’ve never said anything politically that failed, General Buhari will not win this election."

On claims by the APC that Buhari held a meeting with former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair and Nigerians in Diaspora at the weekend, Fayose said, “My presentation is based on this deception. Anybody can come here and tell us he spoke with Buhari, we will believe your story, that is you.”

The governor who challenged the opposition to provide answers to the nagging questions of Buhari’s interview in London, said, “I am not here to deceive Nigerians. They couldn’t find an answer to my allegation. The only thing they could send across is to send this picture in defence of the fact I said General Buhari is in the hospital."

However it would be recalled that the Ekiti state, governor admitted that the voice on the audio tape about last year's alleged election rigging was his, where he complained throughout about the general on something that was going wrong, just as he said he was prepared to defend everything there.

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