100cm Teenage Girl Is Looking For Love, Wants Family

100cm Teenage Girl Is Looking For Love, Wants Family

19-year-old Hannah Kritzec, who was born with primordial dwarfism, is determined to find love and start a family Minnesota, USA.

Hannah suffers from an extremely rare condition called primordial dwarfism which means she is only 99cm tall. The condition is so rare only 100 people in the world are believed to have it. Such form of dwarfism causes short stature and dozens of other health problems including the threat of brain aneurysms and a shortened life span.

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The girl also has two titanium rods in her back after developing scoliosis and dental implants because her teeth and mouth are too small. Despite her diagnosis Hannah leads healthy and active lyfestile, she loves singing, ballet and dancing to hip-hop.

Now the teenager prepares for graduation from high school, choosing a career, dreaming about boys and even starting a family. Speaking about her plans for the future, she says,"Everyone thinks I’m five-years-old when they see me and it’s frustrating because I’m not a baby.

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Just because I’m smaller, doesn’t mean I’m any different. My ideal man would be someone with blue eyes, brown hair, and a Mohawk – and someone who would protect me. Looking to the future, I’d like to get married and have my own family. I would like to have two kids, a boy and a girl."

Jackie, Hannah's adoptive-mother, says, "We're just going to I've each day like there isn't one tomorrow. That's all you can do. Live to the fullest. My advice to anyone living with the condition would be to never give up on your dream, and keep trying."

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