French, Chadian Troops In Nigeria To Combat Boko Haram

French, Chadian Troops In Nigeria To Combat Boko Haram

The Nigerian military inability to successfully defeat terrorist group, Boko Haram have enabled foreign forces enter Nigerian soil.

Reuters reports that Chadian troops have entered Gamboru town in Borno State, the town which is close to the Cameroon  border has been under the control of the insurgents for several months.

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“Our troops entered Nigeria this morning. The combat is ongoing,” one of the sources at Chad’s army headquarters told Reuters.

It will be recalled that Chad deployed some 2,500 troops as part of a regional effort to take on the militant group that has waged a bloody insurgency in northern Nigeria for over three years.

Meanwhile, French military aircraft are carrying out surveillance missions to help countries bordering Nigeria tackle Boko Haram militants amid efforts by the countries  in the region to coordinate a response to the threat posed by the insurgents.

According to The Nation, intelligence was being given to Chadian forces currently fighting Boko Haram on the Cameroon and Nigeria border region.

“Our air force is carrying out reconnaissance missions, but not over Nigeria,” said a French defence ministry source. “Our support is limited to neighbouring countries such as Chad and Niger.”

Although, a recent comment by the President of France suggests French aircraft were currently operating over Nigeria.

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Clarifying Hollande’s comments, the presidential palace said French planes were not flying over Nigeria, but that France was “cooperating in the fight against Boko Haram.”

In a related development, Nigerian troops have finally entered the popular and notorious Sambisa forest.


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