Clients Also Disappoint: 5 Nigerian Fashion Designers Talk about Their Bad Experiences

Clients Also Disappoint: 5 Nigerian Fashion Designers Talk about Their Bad Experiences

Every day, we hear about tailors disappointing clients by either not delivering on time or delivering something totally different from what they were paid to do. But more often than not, there is more to the story.

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Not so many people know the struggles of tailors/designers regarding some of the things they have to put up with in their line of work, especially when dealing with some difficult clients.

Photo of a dummy with measuring tape.
Some designers have shared their experiences with clients. Photo credit: domin_domin
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Contrary to popular opinion, some of these stories shared with have shown that the customer is not always right.

In this article, five Nigerian designers/tailors open up about some of their worst experiences with clients.

Grab your popcorn and have a seat because some of the stories will leave you stunned.

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Check them out below:

Rach Eye

"There was this client that wanted me to make a couture dress for her. We took measurements and all. When it got to payment, she wanted a price slash - half the price of what I usually charge for such dresses. After plenty talks, I gave her a price close to what she wanted which is something I don’t do. When the client came to pick her dress, she started shouting because it needed little adjustments, stating that she doesn’t like amendments to her clothes. I told her I wasn’t a magician. Even abroad, people come for fittings before picking their clothes. She gave me so much trouble, that I said 'you know what, send your account number.' And I transferred back the money for her dress. She came back after a while, that I should make a dress for her. Because of the fear of what happened before, I told her I was busy and wouldn’t meet up."

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Doktor Couture

"There was an urgent job that came following a recommendation by a client of mine. I had to make exotic apparel for this client on a payment-after-delivery basis. I hurriedly got on with the job as the delivery time frame was really tight and I didn't want to disappoint the client that recommended me to him. This new client forwarded measurements and I was able to meet up within the desired time. I made the delivery but sadly, I had to make some amendments. I did the first and even a second one afterwards. Already, the job had stressed me and I had disappointed other clients in a bid to finish the apparel. This job practically disrupted my workflow. Finally, I delivered the apparel and he was satisfied. He asked for my bank details to make payments which I gave and left without even thinking twice. He had come from my client so I was rest assured of my payment. He later called a day after and said: 'I'm not sure I'll take this.' I was shocked."

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CY Couture

"A lady told me she wanted a bubu dress. It is a known fact that bubu dresses are free and easy to wear. She wanted something she could use for maternity. So, I made her this dress and she asked about when she could pick up the dress. My business is not an online business but a walk-in store. I told her she could come for the pickup but she wanted it delivered to her office. I then told her she would have to pay for my time and my fare. To this, she suggested I use a dispatch rider of which I agreed and sent a rider. However, this lady refused to pay the rider. And she went on to say that the dress wasn't what she wanted because it wasn't fitted. I reminded her that bubu dresses were not meant to be fitted but the client sent back the dress without paying the rider and refused to respond to my messages. I had another encounter with a client who had sent in a design of a fitted dress which she wanted. I made the dress as requested. But, when she came in, she questioned why I made her a fitted dress. I reminded her that this was what she sent to me and it looked really beautiful on her but she stated that she couldn't wear it because her curves were too obvious in the dress. She went on to say that I could have told her the style was a fitted dress. How was I to know my customer sent me a style she didn't want to make?"

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"I had just recently moved to Abuja for my NYSC. I got contracted to make outfits for a wedding, a big wedding at that. I was to make all the groom’s outfits and also that of the bride’s plus her Asoebi girls and little bride. Long story short, I couldn't meet up with delivering on the agreed date because of some production issues. My client started to panic. I delivered a week after our expected date of delivery and even though my client got his order a week before their wedding date, the pressure, tension, and mood during that week was crazy. I felt so horrible because of the panic and unnecessary pressure I put them through. I hated my job after that, almost quit and it took some courage and lots of encouragement from friends/colleagues to continue with this job. However, I have since quit making women's wear and only focus on men’s wear now."

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Esther Yaji

"My worst tailoring experience was with a friend turned client who used to patronize me a lot. Her wedding came up and she was in Makurdi while I was in Lagos where I work. I was commissioned to make her bridal outfits including her reception dress, some traditional dresses, and her pre-wedding fits. However, she ran out of cash but pleaded that I should go ahead with making the outfits stating that she would pay after the wedding. Because she is my friend and I wasn't going to the wedding, I agreed to do it as I considered it a favour. I even charged her less and then I made the outfits and had them delivered to Makurdi. Everything was perfect. However, getting my payment as agreed after the wedding became an issue. It has been over three years since the wedding and she is yet to pay up. It got so crazy that she insulted me at one point. She tried to justify her actions by stating that she had patronized me before and had spent way over N100k on my business. But does that stop you from paying for the service you were rendered? That was the end of that friendship and she never patronized me again. I kept contacting her for over a year and she revealed that the money she was sprayed on her wedding day wasn't even up to N20k. But that wasn't my business. She never paid me my money. I feel like she tricked me because the outfits were very beautiful. It's even more painful because I didn't even get photos to post on my business page."

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Style recreation fails

It appears tailors disappointing their clients will never go out of style as yet another lady was left pretty stunned after she received the dress she commissioned her tailor to make for her.

The photo of the lady in the ill-fitted dress was shared alongside another in a photo collage which was purportedly the inspiration for her dress.

Apparently, the unidentified lady had wanted a corset dress with a peekaboo neckline, long bell sleeves and a bow illusion from the waist and mid-thigh. What she got was different from what she wanted.

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