Instead of Getting Sweets With His Money, 10-Year-Old Buys Cows, Plans to Sell Them When They’ve Grown Bigger

Instead of Getting Sweets With His Money, 10-Year-Old Buys Cows, Plans to Sell Them When They’ve Grown Bigger

  • Most children would understandably spend the money they get on confectionaries and such pleasurable buys
  • Ten-year-old William Woods, however, chooses to look beyond the tunnel vision and think like an entrepreneur
  • This was demonstrated recently when he channelled a Christmas prize of €1,000 (N487,775.07) to purchasing six calves that he intends to rear and sell for a profit

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William Woods is a 10-year-old boy with an agribusiness mind, going by his recent decision to purchase six calves.

This came against the backdrop of him winning from the €1,000 (N487,775.07) credit union draw.

Five of the calves are called Audrey, Hannah, Trixie, Rebecca, and Helen.
William Woods admits that raising the calves is not as easy as he thought, but he loves the challenge. Photo: RTE News.
Source: UGC

During an interview with RTÉ, the brilliant young mind from Ballyconnell, County Cavan intimated that cows are his favourite animals, which made sense for him to buy some for himself.

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He revealed:

"I thought, 'what should I do with the money, should I save for college or for calves?' I saved for calves. I’ll rear these, sell them and make a profit."

Comes with responsibilities

He explained that, although he is proud of the purchase, it has come with responsibilities he had not foreseen.

He said:

"I thought you'd just put them in a field, feed them a meal and that's it, but I am pleased they've been hard work."

Given that most schools in his country are not in operation due to COVID-19 restrictions, having something interesting to do with his time makes the young man feel good about himself.

He added that the responsibilities which come with raising the herd have offered him great lessons.

He said:

"It's taught me you need to actually work for something because you can't just be sitting around on the sofa doing nothing saying: 'Oh my life's a mess'."

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Bottom line, Woods says that he likes checking on his calves to make sure they are feeding well and are healthy.

Always been interested in farming

According to Woods' mother Ruth, news of her son choosing to buy livestock did not come as a surprise because he has always shown interest in farming.

She told BBC:

"He's got the gene from his daddy, not me. He was always out looking at the cattle and sheep wanting to get his hands dirty."

Ruth is proud of her son's entrepreneurial mind as it is not only a healthy past-time for him but also instils in him the value of money from a tender age.

Woods looks forward to buying more animals next year after raising and selling the six.

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The pastoral life

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian farmer, Goddey Ehiwarior, whose story once went viral for his large barn of yam spoke about his pastoral life.

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In a video interview, the man who has seven wives said that he learned farming from his father since he never had the opportunity of going to school.

Goddey stated that he has over 100 acres of farmland where he also plants things like melons and cassava.


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