Meet Boy who Started Learning How to fly a Plane at 7, He Has Flown 3 Times as Trainee on a Cessna 172

Meet Boy who Started Learning How to fly a Plane at 7, He Has Flown 3 Times as Trainee on a Cessna 172

  • A young boy identified as Graham Shema started flying lessons at the age of 7 after his mother enrolled him in an aviation academy
  • Shema developed an interest in planes at the tender age of three when a police helicopter blew off the roof of his grandmother's house
  • His knowledge inspired many on social media after a LinkedIn user, Elphas Saizi, celebrated him on the platform

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Africa is home to a lot of geniuses, and a young Ugandan boy identified as Graham Shema is one of them.

In 2020 when he was just seven, the boy became a sensation in his country with his display of aircraft knowledge and budding flying skills.

Graham Shema is a genius
Graham Shema says he wants to be a pilot. Photo credit: Daily Mail
Source: UGC

According to Reuters, Graham who is a lover of math and science has flown as a trainee three times on a Cessna 172.

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Graham wants to be a pilot notes that the boy whose role model is Elon Musk said he wants to be a pilot and an astronaut, and travel to Mars someday.

In his words:

“I like Elon Musk because I want to learn with him about space, to go with him in space and also to get a handshake.”

How did it begin?

Daily Mail reports that the boy's passion for aircraft was triggered when a police helicopter flew so low to the ground and blew off the roof of his grandmother's house when he was just three years old.

After the experience, he started asking his mum questions on how planes work. The mum had to contact a local aviation academy and he started lessons on aircraft parts and aviation vocabulary.

He thereafter began flying lessons. Describing his first flight, Graham said:

"I felt like a bird flying up."

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Social media celebrates Graham

A LinkedIn user identified as Elphas Saizi celebrated the boy on his page and many were wowed.

His post read in part:

"In love with mathematics and science, Graham has even been invited to meetings with the German ambassador and the Ugandan minister of transport."

Reacting, Brenda Pooe said:

"I salute the person who saw his potential. Many are unable to recognize other's potential. Being able to recognize your fellow's potential is a bigger achievement than anyone can achieve.
"Look at our governments in Africa people complete their degrees while working for many years. While those who already have Masters and Doctrates are unemployed.
"This is a challenge. Recognize your fellow man's ability and potential without judging their circumstances will score big time... Stay blessed.. I salute you...bro."

Birgitta Nortey commented:

"Well done Graham!"

2-year-old girl becomes youngest Mensa member

In other news, two-year-old Kashe Quest from Los Angeles has become the youngest member of Mensa, a society comprising of the world's most intelligent people.

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Quest earned the prestigious spot after garnering an impressive score of 146 during an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test.

The Mensa website indicates that an average adult of sound mind has an IQ of about 100, with a paltry 2% of the population scoring above 130 and regarded as very intelligent.


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