Reactions as Derek Chauvin is sentenced to just 22.5 years for the killing of George Floyd

Reactions as Derek Chauvin is sentenced to just 22.5 years for the killing of George Floyd

Many people are not happy with the jail sentence imposed on Derek Chauvin over the killing of George Floyd. One of the people who are not happy with the 22.5-year jail sentence is Rev. Al Sharpton.

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He said the former police officer should have received the maximum sentence.

Derek Chauvin received a 270-month prison sentence the murder in the death of George Floyd.
Reactions have trailed the sentencing of Derek Chauvin. Kerem Yucel/AFP via Getty Images
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Al Sharpton:

"This verdict and this sentencing is the longest sentence we've seen, but it is not justice because George Floyd is in a grave tonight even though Chauvin will be in jail."

Meanwhile, on Facebook, many social commentators have reacted to the verdict.

Sue Teya

"As a police officer for 20 years, this man got a slap on the wrist!! He is one hell of a lucky human being. What he did was horrendous and as a former police officer, I am embarrassed!!"

Giovanna Bonadies Hamilton

"22 or 30, or life in prison... HIS LIFE IS OVER. Nothing will bring Floyd Back. However, and hopefully, this will serve as a call for ANY person with power and authority to rethink their ways."

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Ashley Garrett

"It’s not enough for murdering a human being he was entrusted to protect. However, it is a start. It is very slow progress. It is one officer being held accountable out of probably thousands who have done similar abuses of power. It’s good to take one tiny chip at the marble slab rather than letting it continue to stand intact, but it is still not enough. George Floyd deserves better, and so does every other POC who has died due to law enforcement’s abuse of power. Murderers should be behind bars until they die."

Bori EnelMangle

"What is wrong with the system when a law enforcement officer thinks it is right to kneel on somebody’s neck for 9 minutes? Sad day."

Chris Hunter

"The full 30 years would have been justice. This is a light sentence given the circumstances. Anyone else hopes that Chauvin gets moved into the general population? I would assume 100%."

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Dave Githu

"He'll spend those years in solitary confinement and looking over his shoulder because he was police, it's punishment enough let him rot in prison."

Randee Bassin

"22.5 years? Are you kidding me? He took a man's life with a smirk on his face. Should be in prison for the rest of his awful life. But a cop in a prison? The odds don't favor him to last the 22 years!! Shame shame shame on him!!! Floyd Family were elegant in saying what needed to be said! and I can only imagine how painful it was to relive this nightmare again! Chauvin mom-why did you even say anything?? Only proves how that cop was raised!"

Recall that had reported that closure has arrived in the killing of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin. This follows that the officer has now been sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison.

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Chauvin was convicted in April of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Minnesota District Court Judge Peter Cahill read the judgment.


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