Try This New Mattress, It Is Amazing and I’m Giving a Testimony About It - Williams Uchemba

Try This New Mattress, It Is Amazing and I’m Giving a Testimony About It - Williams Uchemba

Nollywood celebrity, Williams Uchemba, speaks about himself, how Mouka's customised mattress solved his sleep problems and advises his fans to enjoy the experience with the same Mondeo Plus spring mattress now that it is available for sale in the market.

Try This New Mattress, It Is Amazing and I’m Giving a Testimony About It - Williams Uchemba

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Williams Uchemba, l am an actor, a humanitarian, and an entrepreneur. l have been in the entertainment industry for the past 22 years, which means l have been filming back-to-back.

Take us through a typical day in the life of Williams Uchemba

I have a packed suite of day-to-day activities, more of a bittersweet itinerary of stress and fun. I don't have a nine-five job, as I don't have a closing time. I am an Actor, l am always filming, so, either l am on a movie project, recording a documentary or something. I am always out and about, most times our shoots go on till very late at night. Sometimes 48 hours we don't get any sleep, trying to get it right, and it can be very tasking on the body. In a nutshell, this a typical day in my life.

Recently, you put up a post on your Instagram about being hospitalised as a result of inadequate sleep. Mouka reached out and provided a customised mattress for you. How have you been sleeping since then? Kindly share your experience with us?

I was sick when Mouka reached out to me. I was stressed, and the doctor said l wasn't getting enough rest, and it affected my sleep pattern. Most of the time l don't sleep and even when l do, l either pass out on my couch or something. Then Mouka reached out to me and said they want to give me a mattress to help me sleep better. I said, "okay, l have a mattress, but I am willing to give yours a try". Shortly after, they delivered a customised mattress to my house.

I don't even know how to explain how it felt; it was firm like a semi-orthopaedic mattress but also responsive like a spring mattress. I tried it the first night, and it was really amazing. I slept well, and since then, it improved my health considerably. What happens is that most of the time, l feel like running back home to sleep.

Sleeping on the Mouka mattress has had a positive impact on my health. My health has improved a whole lot because my previous mattress was a little bit too hard for me. It wasn't as comfortable as it should be, as l just realised that different people have different body types and l was using the wrong mattress for the kind of body l have. The customised Mouka mattress did improve not only my health but also my sleep pattern.

Mouka has launched the same mattress they customised for you into the Nigerian market as Mondeo Plus. What should consumers look forward to?

I was asking somebody about the mattress, but I was told it wasn't in the market, and l felt that people should have the same experience I had, and l was glad when they reached out to me that it is now in the market. I am using this platform to tell you; listen your sleep is very important and l implore you to get this mattress because l have first-hand experience and l can testify to how good this mattress has been to me.

What would you say are the unique features of the new, improved Mondeo Plus spring mattress?

The Mondeo Plus spring mattress has several unique features. The first thing is the experience of sleeping on the mattress. It has the right combination of comfort and support: it not too hard, and it has a little spring-like feel to it. The second is the fabric. Mondeo Plus spring mattress is covered with a premium damask fabric that matches the sophisticated décor of my room. The third is durability. It has extra support springs at the borders, so it doesn't collapse even if you sit on the edge of the mattress. I can go on and on.

What advice do you have for your fans and other celebrities who desire quality sleep?

The advice l have for everyone is that medically it is recommended you have eight hours of quality sleep daily, but you cannot achieve this if you don't have a good mattress to help you sleep well. It is self-explanatory, test and see. Try this new mattress, it is amazing! I am speaking as a consumer that has used it and is giving a testimony about it. It is truly amazing and you are not going to regret it, because if you sleep well, you will be healthy, like people say, health is wealth, so you do the maths.

Thanks and God bless you.

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