Little Girl Displays Amazing Skills as Dad Throws Her in the Air, Many React to Viral Video

Little Girl Displays Amazing Skills as Dad Throws Her in the Air, Many React to Viral Video

- A little girl and her father have gone viral on social media for their great performance that got many people talking

- The girl remained calm and without any fear as her father threw her in the air, despite how dangerous their show looked

- People on social media loved the viral video but expressed fear over what could have happened to the little girl if something had gone wrong

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A little girl has got people talking on social media after displaying amazing skills when her dad threw her in the air.

The little angel and her dad could be seen in a viral video which exemplifies the trust a child has for their parents. The man would throw the girl in the air and get hold of her, then he would allow her to display some skills.

Little girl displays amazing skills as dad throws her in the air
The little girl and her dad have gone viral for their amazing skills. Photo credit: Blavity
Source: Facebook

Both father and daughter appeared to have mastered their skills as each of them understood what was expected of the other party as the performance went on.

The little girl knew her father would get hold of her after being thrown in the air, the reason why she seemed calm and just did her thing to the delight of those who watched the video on Facebook.

Despite enjoying the father-daughter performance, social media users expressed fear due to what could have happened if something had gone wrong.

Many react to the video

Lineeca Smith wrote:

"Awesome!!!! Teaching your child what to look for in a man, teaching her trust, teaching her strength teaching her protection....she will know what to look for in a MAN!!! you better come like my daddy!!! Or you ain't coming at all!!!! Kudos Dad!!! Keep up the good teaching!!!!"

Umohowet Yelayu commented:

"This is so precious! Love to see moments like this. Adorable babygirl is a future Olympian. But can they please do this somewhere with mats or soft surfaces and not the living room next to the table and chairs."

Erika Stevens reacted:

"They did great but that’s so dangerous doing it by the kitchen table and chairs. Good lord I could barely watch."

Shannon Maria

"Nice.... Love this daddy daughter duo. If I was mom, I need the table and chairs out of the way, the walls lined with pillows and thick floor mats everywhere."

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