Sarkodie x Kwesi Arthur - Who Da Man: video, lyrics, reactions

Sarkodie x Kwesi Arthur - Who Da Man: video, lyrics, reactions

The Ghanaian rapper is not getting tired. He has just released a brand-new track Sarkodie x Kwesi Arthur - Who Da Man, and it is pure fire. You will be smothered by the powerful beats of this record.

This track was created in collaboration with another prominent musician, Kwesi Arthur. The duo’s work resulted in an absolutely irresistible banger.

Sarkodie x Kwesi Arthur - Who Da Man description

  • Released: September 26, 2019
  • Format: mp3, video
  • Genre: Hip-hop, rap
  • Length: 2:59 min
  • Label: Sarkcess Music
  • Producer: Dirty Saj (Certified Bangerz)

The record is the definition of high-quality rap music. Its lyrics are soaked through with confidence and strength, and the tune is magnetic. Even more, you will have goosebumps from the heavy beats of this track.

Sarkodie x Kwesi Arthur - Who Da Man reviews and comments

If you would like to know what others say about this song before making your own opinion, here is what YouTube users say about it:

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  • Frimpong kwabena: Kwesi Arthur, you have gas, and Sark is the rocket.
  • Sarah Azong: Call the fire service, king Sark is burning Africa.
  • Warrick James: Best rapper in Africa.
  • enzyme quartey emmanuel: This is real fire.
  • Wilson Adom: This is real rap.
  • GABBY GH: I always feel happy when Sarkodie raps more in English... I'm sure this flow is for the BET Hip-Hop Awards.
  • Adams Jackson: African rap king.
  • panford augustine: Sarkodie in his element.
  • Freedom Justice: Dope beat.
  • Linksteers Connecting the dots: Goosebumps everywhere.
  • Emmanuel Harrison: Wow, can't wait for the video.
  • Dessy Adams: The greatest. Ghana's biggest.
  • Ted Larbi: The second verse is mad.
  • Kojo Sasu: International flow.

Sarkodie x Kwesi Arthur - Who Da Man lyrics

Sarkodie x Kwesi Arthur - Who Da Man lyrics

Image:, @sarkodie
Source: UGC

[Verse 1]

We been on the road

Its been a long time coming waguan maaf**kers

Twitter enemies 3nn3 mo adidi?

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Monto koko na monb3bye cream crackers

You know I got the keys to the city

Y3np3 nkolaa we dealing with top Shattas

WorldWide, list na wo wh3 no s3 me din nka ho de3 aa ebe top wack rappers

Spent a 100 thousand on the bezel

Kop3 baabi tena monny3 me level

Wo te social media na wo no base

But y3 kye wo skumono trafic aa na wo bo treble

Ain't nobody taking my position

Mama told me not to worry, cos she had a vision

Obiaa ntumi nquechi me fire am on a mission

You go trust if you know what I been cooking in the kitchen


Who the man (x6)

Yeni time for competition ‘cause we know we got the money coming in a bullivan

This is to the haters y'all nigga's running for cover ‘cause you know we about to shoot a man

Who the man (x6)

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[Verse 2]

Real enough

Ain't nobody real enough

I can see the hate when i'm pulling up

So what happen to the love, wow

Enemies, got a lot of enemies

Me kae s3 mr3 aa meh3 ase they be telling me

You never make it, but am chilling sipping Hennessy

They can't control my energy

Whan na keyer3 how to keep local

But you still got it popping international

Y3 mo s3 menhy3 daa, but i swear God everyting I do is very rational

Chale the be sleeping on a nigga for so long but tell me who's popping now

Hw3, rap 3y3 Play Station aa nka m3 fa kotoko wop3 korraa kofa arsenal

Ok take it back to where it started

Chale people even thought I was f**king retarded

But tema people supported

Site one ghetto ebe there me then possigee we started recording

I never take you for granted

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Chale the vim way i take come the industry i no go loose am coz i want it

Now lemme keep it a 100

S3 me ka kyer3 mo s3 nny3 moaf3

S3 nny3 moaf3 ne meaa make you no bore am being honest


Who the man (x6)

Yeni time for competition ‘cause we know we got the money coming in a bullivan

This is to the haters y'all nigga's running for cover ‘cause you know we about to shoot a man

Who the man (x6)

[Verse 3]

Done with all the talking

Left the comment capo wo wo nyansa ko ko twero book

They still no barb s3 me defy the odds no wey poverty be old news

Kyewa a** niggas agye mo anko te biribone bi besi biara e know you

How na we dey struggle 3nn3 may3 yie a ebi se may3 duro fire burn you

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Nfa me toto people who dey lie in the ma lyrics, gimmicks

Ne3 mo p3 s3 mo y3 no i did it

Masa me no i'm too focused stacking up the digits

Never say die nothing go fit kill my spirit

F**k that, No more being humble

F**k that, ghetto preacher

F**k RAP, I'm the truth

Chaley aka s3 may shanton

Them all go figa say pac back

Keep your respect, cos I don't need it

Through your eyes I see the jealousy

Kwesi Arthur's like the hood Jesus

Mo a mo doubt MI I dey wait apology

Whatchu mean?

Mo y3 GOAT a I be Alidu

Yi at3de3 na 3hy3 wo no fa s3 fom when you see say the clay is coming through


Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Sarkodie x Kwesi Arthur - Who Da Man download

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Sarkodie x Kwesi Arthur - Who Da Man is a powerful banger that will leave you breathless. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments section below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends. Stay tuned for more updates about your favorite musicians.


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