Kagwe Mungai - Single ft. Kristoff: video, lyrics, reactions

Kagwe Mungai - Single ft. Kristoff: video, lyrics, reactions

The most anticipated video of the latest song by Kagwe Mungai - Single is out. The hit has attracted the attention of numerous music fans across the continent.

The award-winning artist teams up with the multi-talented hitmaker, Kristoff, to serve their fans with a video of this banger that will keep you glued to your screen watching it over and over again.

Kagwe Mungai - Single description

  • Release date: November 11th, 2019
  • Format: Video
  • Length: 3 minutes 13 seconds
  • Producer: Ransom Beatz
  • Directed by: @therawwfilmmaker x @kagwemungai

The single was produced by Ransom Beatz and was written and performed by the two artists.

Kagwe Mungai - Single reviews and comments

The video has elicited a set of mixed reactions from social media users. Whereas some were quick to point out the kissing scene, a good percentage praised the general creativity in the video. Check out some of the reviews and comments from various social media platforms.

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Kagwe Mungai - Single reactions
Image: instagram.com, @kagwemungai
Source: UGC
  • Taitamba T.K: The song is dope but kissing part imehurbreak wanawake wengi...
  • Sally Wahwae: The kissing part killed me personally as his crush. But the song is good anyway.
  • Anita Masengo: That kissing scene got me off guard. Big up brother. This is an amazing piece.
  • Miss Nellz: Now we know he's a great kisser.. I wanna be that girl.
  • Mr. Kurenji: Why is kristoff underrated though,.,,this guy is dope...
  • Inside Daisy's mind: Kagwe, we were not ready to be honest.
  • Santaface kay: Rosa Ree you got a partner here. This song is dope!
  • Papito Tito: Moto sana. Straight to my playlists.
  • Mauda Collonel: You just crashed very many hearts. #ufisiwithzerochills.
  • Zack Nur dirie: I listen this single song every minute from Somalia.

Kagwe Mungai - Single lyrics

The immense power radiating from the lyrics of this particular hit will make you listen to it over and over again. Check out the incredible lyrics of the song below.

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[Verse one]

Saa zingine mi ni chokora

Nachanganya madem kama chakula

Haga ya Kamene na sura ya Huddah

Aaaah sura ya Huddah

Utapata kitu ukitafuta

Nikislide in kama mafuta

Coca Cola shape kama ya chupa

Aaah kama ya chupa


(I like my ladies)

I got a light skin gyal

Looking very Sidika

I got a dark skin gyal

Looking very Sidika

(I like my ladies)

All my pretty ladies

All my s*xy babies

Call me all my baby

(Form ni fimbo (Form ni fimbo)

Sina maringo(Sina maringo)

S*xy mode...

Aah am single) x 2

[Verse two]

Yeah am single ka malt

Bila pimple ndani ya Benz and am out

Usiai tense mi nitakuekelea kwa couch

Am Christoff baby you know what am all about

Hebu kwanza bow, down to this fimbo

Nikupeleke maround nikuimbishe hizi mawimbo

Whenever am around si unajua tu ni mafimbo

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Pass that ch- tukidance ma alingo

Mi navutaga ma highgrade sivutangi malocal

Na sinaga ata girlfriend mi hupigaga mapoko

I don't kiss a** mi silambagi matako

I don't miss pass mi hucheza kama Ronaldo

Kick that ball, kick it like polio

Kick it so hard mpaka ifikie mamorio

Through pass ishafikia

Pokea salam za Kagwe na Kristoff toka Busia



I let Monica in my life

I let Arika by my side

I let Arita all I need

I let Tina what I see

I bet Sandra in the sun

I let Mary on my lap

I let Jessica here I am

I bet you girl am your man

Kagwe Mungai - Single download

If you would like to add the song to your favorite playlist, feel free to download it from the site suggested below.

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What do you think of the latest song by Kagwe Mungai - Single featuring Kristoff? Is it a hit or a miss? Share your honest views with us today in the comment section below. While at it, also remember to hit the social media share buttons so that your friends get the opportunity to be entertained by this song.

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