Fabolous - Choosy ft. Jeremih, Davido: video, lyrics, reactions

Fabolous - Choosy ft. Jeremih, Davido: video, lyrics, reactions

The new hit by Fabolous - Choosy is the hottest song in town. Have you had the opportunity of watching the fantastic video that is doing rounds on social media? Find out more about this chart-topping song.

Whenever Fabolous comes through with a brand new song, he never disappoints his fans. This time around, he serves it hot. Listen to the song and remember to share the article with your friends

Fabolous - Choosy description

  • Release date: October 4th, 2019
  • Format: Video, audio
  • Album: Summertime Shoutout 3
  • Genre: Hip hop/Rap
  • Producer: Hitmaka and Swiff D
  • Director: Gerard Victor
  • Length: 4 minutes 33 seconds

The song saw him feature two award-winning artists, Davido and Jeremih. The video was produced by Hitmaka and Swiff D and directed by Gerard Victor.

Fabolous - Choosy reviews and comments

The video has so far received so many views and considerable reviews and comments. Find out what the hit's fans are saying about the song below.

  • Amelia Stephenson: It is so funny when they are making Afrocentric music that is when they can find dark skin models.
  • Patrickee: Guys Fabolous is back. You know what to expect? more and more hits.
  • Elton Harrell: The beats of the song gave me three types of vibes: Fabolous - Into You, Drake - One Dance and French Montana - Unforgettable.
  • Osemhen Akahome: The Afrobeat sound and Davido just gave Fab a significant hit.
  • Dany Daniel art: No doubt Davido is a King of African's music.
  • Simmii Simmii: I feel like Davidoo needed his own version and this could’ve been a remix of something (my opinion ‍♀️) beautiful song though.
  • Charlie London: When we finally begin to see we are not all that different music is so amazing because it always crosses every boundary first dangerously beautiful.
  • Anulika Nnanyelugo: Jeremih voice just makes this song so catchy and big plus to Davido.
  • Yannick Mupompa: I'm totally into those mixes between African and Afro-American.
  • Trey Gachette: Why is Jeremih so underrated? He is such as a star. What do you think guys?
  • Dominique Parker: I like when Fab says "I swear I don't" in the background when Jeremih says "But I don't wanna choooooose" lol I hope that made sense I wish he would do that the whole song.
  • Stessy Badjina: I don’t know about you guys but I only like Davido part, I wasn’t dancing until Davido started singing.
  • Nkechi Ndukwe: Now it’s cool to be African, the future is bright for the African generation.

Fabolous - Choosy lyrics

These are the fantastic lyrics of the song.


Ridin' down South



Oh I like this

(Choosy) x 4 (Choose)

Choose (Choosy), chose

But I don't wanna choose (I swear I don't)

(Choosy) x 4 (I swear I don't)

Choosy (Yeah)

But I don't wanna choose (I swear I don't)

(Choosy) x 4 (Here we go)

[Verse 1: Fabolous & Jeremih, Jeremih]

She want me to come stay over (Stay)

She caught a flight with no lay over (Lay)

Drinkin' all night with no hangover

(Drinkin' all night with no hangover)

She never ask me pay for it (Pay)

She never text me, just wait for it (Wait)

Turn you into my PYT, if not then tell a friend 'cause I'm so-


[Verse 2: Fabolous]


I don't need nobody else now

Won't even check for the options

Know that I'm not out here choosy

Know I ain't lettin' no opps in

Ain't no adoption, you know I'm yours

Don't you give up on the kid

Look, this wasn't planned but you're still my baby

You should pull up to the crib

Look, I got so much I can give, yeah

Still tryna give you no choice, yeah

I don't know nothing 'bout crying

But how 'bout some lovin' up in this Royce Rolls (Hol' up)

If you curve me mind yo business

Just noticed how fine your friend is (Nah)

I hate that choosy a** s**t (I do)

Yeah, he tried to talk to me that s**t (For real?)

Just wanna do me that's it (That's it)

They gassin' up rumors and s** (Skrrt)

Well he gotta catch me in traffic

I'll be your number one draft pick

Just gotta choose me


[Verse 3: Davido]

You hits me deep down in my heart, I select you

Number one, nobody fi test you

And girl you're worthy, I cannot lie

You're deservin', I can't deny

Nobody, can nobody can give you love, yeah

Nobody, can nobody can skrrt it off, yeah

Hold you down, hold you down, girl (Oh, oh)

Believe it, I 'ma hold you down (Yeah, yeah)

And if I tell you, say "I love you" woah

Girl I'm wit' you, oh with you

Girl I'm wit' you, oh with you, ooh, yeah


[Outro: Fabolous]

The Middle East, Russia, Canada, worldwide

Loso, Davido and Jeremih had to let 'em all know

(We got 'em {choosy}x2) x 2

Fabolous - Choosy download

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