South African funeral home denies storing body of man allegedly resurrected by local pastor

South African funeral home denies storing body of man allegedly resurrected by local pastor

Even as Nigerians and other Africans at large continue to poke fun at the sensational ‘resurrection’ of a man in South Africa, one funeral home is not very amused with the whole fiasco.

Kings and Queens Funeral Services in South Africa has vowed to take legal action against pastor Alph Lukau for dragging its name in the outrageous resurrection.

As reported earlier, Pastor Lukau became an online sensation after not only claiming to have resurrected a man, but emerging with video evidence as well.

The backstory involved a theory that the ‘deceased’ had spent the weekend at the morgue which was supposed to bolster the authenticity of the narrative.

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However, in a rejoinder, the funeral home denied having preserved the man's body, a situation which instantly drew doubts in the whole coming back to life story.

In a statement seen by, Kings and Queens Funeral Services exposed a malicious manipulation spree which ended up in the facility providing some services to the pastor and the ‘deceased’.

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If the statement is anything to go by, the alleged family members of the resurrected man approached the funeral service providers with a story that they had encountered difficulties with another funeral home hence they needed alternative transport services.

"As a funeral service provider, we do not offer services without documentation neither do we repatriate bodies without paper work,” the service provider said in a statement.

Because of all the ridicule that came with the story, the funeral home threatened to sue the pastor for “malicious damage”.

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Meanwhile, netizens left awed by the astounding story dealt with it the best way they knew how – through a viral challenge.

Meanwhile previously reported that a pastor was spotted using a snake to deliver his church members during service.

A young man identified simply as Zwide on Twitter shared the photos of the pastor holding the snake at the altar of his church.

In one of the photos, the pastor could be seen trying to put the snake on a woman who was being held by a few members of his church.

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