Most expensive hotel in the world

Most expensive hotel in the world

What accommodation is recognized to be the most expensive hotel in the world? The hospitality industry grows, develops, and goes hand-in-hand with technological progress to provide all of its best amenities and service. What facilities does the most ravishing hotel offer? Where can one find this pure essence of luxury and premium comfort? Keep on reading to know all!

Most Expensive Hotel in the World 2019


The most luxurious hotels offer plenty of options for accommodation. Being the top performers within the hospitality industry, they meet overall standards, provide luxurious comfort, limited edition products, service or amenities at the click of the fingers.

Planning a stay in the most expensive hotel, you will probably wish to discover first, what extraordinary amenities and services you can expect at the indicated price. In this article, you will find out the name of the most expensive hotel in the world, and see the amenities it provides in its most expensive suites.

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World’s most expensive hotel

Lover's Deep Submarine


According to the data provided by Lover’s Deep is one of the most expensive and the most romantic 5-star getaways ever created for special nights of two people (only) beneath waves of the beautiful Caribbean. This hotel offers to watch colorful fishes, swimming all around in the waters, and immerse into the underwater depth through a window!

The cost for a one-night stay is $292.000 per couple.

An opportunity to spend a weekend or a honeymoon of a lifetime at the luxury submarine hotel is an idea by the British travel outfit called Oliver’s Travels. This facility is a part of the Mile Low Club.

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Where is the most expensive hotel in the world located?

The hotel is not so easy to find: you can’t hire a taxi and ask to deliver you right next to the doors of the building. This accommodation is a unique vessel that nestles in the ocean waters, off the coast of the Caribbean Island, and dives to the depths of 650 meters.

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What is the most expensive hotel special for?

Lover's Deep Submarine interior
  1. The staff of the boat includes three people, ready to service your needs 24-hours a day: a captain, a chef, and a personal butler.
  2. Chill out and enjoy the royal amenities: a specially created aphrodisiac menu, caviar, gourmet dishes, oysters, and delicious chocolate fondant supplemented with pomegranate essence.
  3. The design of interior features the ultimate luxury: refined details and items of furniture made of high-quality wood; sofas and armchairs are covered with the most delicate leather; a comfortable living room provides all the necessary amenities for perfect relaxation.
  4. Enjoy breathtaking underwater views of the Caribbean Ocean and the sea-life during the voyage through windows.
  5. Upon your wish, the boat may change its direction and transfer you to the most legendary places like the islands of Barbados, St. Lucia, Martinique, Montserrat, and some other ones.
  6. If you want, you can request for the extra-options, such as breakfast with refined champagne, a helicopter transfer, a two-person shower, or beach landing.

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Pictures of the most expensive hotel room in the world will amaze you

The sleeping area is situated at the other end from the living space of the vessel.

Most Expensive Hotel room in the World


view from the Most Expensive Hotel in the World


bathroom of the Most Expensive Hotel room in the World


When you book a honeymoon package, you can enjoy rose petals and romantic music that will sound from every corner of the vessel.

Lover’s Deep is a new subaquatic escape created for your joy and pleasure. It offers unforgettable moments!

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