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Best smart insulting quotes that convey your sarcastic attitude

Best smart insulting quotes that convey your sarcastic attitude

Sometimes, it’s necessary to cut short an argument, to return a sarcastic remark or so. It’s not always easy to invent a sharp and bright retort at once and reply brilliantly. This is why a collections of smart insulting quotes are needed. Here we have one of them for you.

Will Smith

A collection of the smartest insulting quotes

  • We know that mirrors are not able to speak. In your case, you ought to feel lucky that they are neither able to laugh
  • Plastic surgery is a trash. Yet, in your case I would recommend you to go ahead
  • People of your kind make having a middle finger reasonable
  • I’m just wondering… Being stupid is a kind of your profession or have you been born with this talent?
  • Maybe, you should move into a more comfortable condition? For example, into a coma? – One of those sharp and quite smart insulting quotes, which not everybody knows
  • When your mother used to drop you off at your school every day, she always received a penalty for throwing litter in public places
  • It’s enough for your talking that I pretend to be carefully listening to your nuisance
  • You know, zombiesto eat brains. If a zombie apocalypse happens, you will be the one to survive

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Jason Fury
  • You don’t see that there’s no point in your wearing makeup? Lol, a monkey stays a monkey in any dressing
  • I would have agreed with you if only I had not known that in this case both of us would have been wrong
  • What for should I insult you? Your face says enough of it on its own
  • In case something I say is offensive to you, give me a sign. I will practice it again later
  • I can see your lips moving but the only thing that I can hear from them is senseless blah blah blah
  • The thing you call intelligence in you is what I call common sense in me
  • Oh dear, what a huge pimple you have between the shoulders! There seems to be something like a face on it… Wait… it’s your head!
  • You’re so ugly, man, that even if you cry, you do it from the back of your head. Your tears run upwards only to avoid your terrible face
  • My mom told me that biscuits are dangerous to rats. I’d better take that one away from your hand
  • If you want to scratch your itching tongue by talking about me behind my own back, scratch it against my a**
  • I’ll do my best and try being nice with you… if you stop being that bloody stupid
Sarcastic woman

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  • Don’t worry, babe, it’s not about you being weird… it’s about everybody else being normal
  • Behave in accordance with your age, not the size of your shoes
  • You know, scientists have spent ages researching the time a human can live without a brain. Do they already know your age?
  • Go ahead freely, being stupid is not a crime
  • I hereby take back any permission you might have thought you had to start a talk with me
  • Yes, you have a right to have an opinion. So do I! This is what I think: your opinion is a living example of ridiculous stupidity!
  • No, no, you should keep on with this talking. I fall asleep when I’m totally interested
  • It happens that sometimes it seems to me that I am ugly. But then I look at you and see that I am a god for sooth
  • Every person in the world has a right for being a little stupid sometimes. You are the one who seems to have abused this right violently
  • When you were born, the doctor gave a scream of fear at your ugliness
Sarcastic Stanley
  • Sometimes you should just keep silent. You look so clever when you don’t say a word
  • Were you lost or asleep when God was handing out brains and common sense?
  • Nobody says you are not beautiful. You are. Yet, a monkey is ahead of you from the point of view of cleverness
  • In case I say something offensive or hurt you in some way, just know the truth: I deeply don’t care
  • There’s no beauty without ugliness. You play an important role in this world
  • This battle of wits is a delight for me but fighting you is like beating a defenseless child
  • I know you are not stupid. You are simply possessed by some really retarded ghost
  • Do you ever experience this feeling of a vacuum emptiness? Somewhere in your skull, for instance?
  • Do you love nature? I would have it if I were you after all those terrible things it has done to you
  • Would you like to play the fetch game? I know new interesting rules. I throw a stick, you run for it and never come back again
Sarcastic girl
  • I would never say that I hate you. It’s just that your existence is not the thing I appreciate much
  • You should not take yourself so seriously. Look, nobody else does.
  • Is it your face or have you thrown up on the frontal part of your head?
  • If you feel so terrible due to the things I voice out, just imagine what I have in my head and keep for myself
  • It may have happened that I gave you a wrong impression that I care. I’m very sorry but I don’t
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, out of all my fingers middle ones are for you. – This is probably the cutest among the insulting and sarcastic sayings ever
  • If I’m asked what a moron is, I would need no dictionary. I have a living example before my eyes
  • How did you get here? Did somebody leave the door of your cage unlocked?
  • Against the background of people like you people like me look perfect
  • One of the purposes of your life is be a living warning to other people
  • Some levels of ugliness are acceptable but your one…it’s simply illegal!
  • When you smile with those yellow teeth of yours, I can see the flag of Spain
  • I do have a reflection in a mirror and you have none. When you approach a mirror, your reflection runs away frustrated by realizing it looks like you
Chris arguing
  • I never mean to offend people or insult them. I just give them negative compliments
  • You look like you had once been a fruit on an ugly tree and once upon a time you fell down hitting every branch with your face
  • I started to believe in god only to pray that you burn in hell
  • You help people realize what it means when they say “dark and handsome”. You’re handsome when it’s dark
  • Why do I insult you? Well, when you cry you look ugly but much less than when you don’t cry

Why should you use intelligent insulting quotes?

When participating in an argument and willing to say something bright and sharp to your opponent, you also should remain smart and intelligent. It’s very important not just to offend a person but to say something with a double or hidden meaning.

Check out the collection of dangerously sharp sayings below and, if you like, feel free to use them in your arguments. However, remember the importance of staying smart, intelligent, if possible, calm. This is the best way to win.

Now, you have a great collection of really poisonous top insults to win an argument and make a person feel smashed against the wall. Remember to use them correctly!

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