Snail farming for beginners in Nigeria made easy

Snail farming for beginners in Nigeria made easy

An interesting business idea from the point of view of 100% profitability is a farm for breeding snails. Many do not even know about the high profitability of this business with minimal investment. Also, we have to admit the very low competition of this exotic business. Let's show you how to start snail farming for beginners in Nigeria.

Giant snail

Snail farming in Nigeria

In recent years, we can witness the growing popularity of snail farming, as a business. This could be explained due to the fact that in Nigeria and many other countries snails is considered a tasty, useful, and exotic delicacy.

Naturally, these delicacies are quite expensive. These creatures are also widely used in cosmetology. In this regard, there is an actual idea for a business — the cultivation of snails. But what is needed for this, where to start and what is the benefit, not everyone knows. Let’s figure this out.

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Snail farm

Snail farming: pros and cons

At the same time, the maintenance cost per snail is minimum, less than NLKJPOK per month. The feed consumption for 40 snails is about 2 kg of feed mixture prepared according to a special recipe. It includes crushed corn, chalk, milk powder, and herbs. The purchase price of snails meat is N1,800-N3,600 per 1 kg. And the purchase price of their eggs can reach up to N7,000 per 100 g.

Snail eggs

Snails meat is more nutritious than chicken meat. It does not contain fat and cholesterol. Among people, the meat of a snail is called a natural Vi*gra, since it has the properties of increasing potency. You can grow up to 40 snails on one square meter. But some professional farmers use artificial feeding and increase this figure to 200 pcs on 1 square meter. The period of snail’s ripening varies from 6 months to 1.5 years. Everything depends on the subspecies and the effectiveness of the application of intensive feeding technology.

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Snail farm in Nigeria

Indeed, you don’t have to rent large rooms for it, but you still have to buy some equipment and to be sure, that the temperature is normal and your feed mixture is enough for growing a wealthy brood.

Huge snail farm

Technology of snails farming for beginners

The future entrepreneur, who want to be a part of snail business, has three main options for growing at home:

  1. In a large room aquarium or in a plastic container on the balcony.
  2. On a farm made in a garage, in a cellar, in a greenhouse or in a shed.
  3. Outdoor farm in the open air.
Homemade snail farm

The first method is suitable for people who live in urban conditions. Also, this method is an excellent option for those who are not quite sure about their abilities because in the apartment you can try to breed a small number of snails in order to feel all the pitfalls of this process. Testing a business is a very important step that many people miss. At the same time, they greatly risk their investments. But experts still recommend starting to grow snails in natural conditions.

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Snail farmer

For breeding, you will need:

  1. Equipped area of ​​20 square meters.
  2. Special terrariums for gastropods.
  3. Soil, fertilized with various useful elements.
  4. Food for growing mollusks, twigs, and leaves.

Growing snails for meat is not a complicated but demanding process. It is necessary to maintain a strict temperature, to clean waste products every three days and to monitor the moisture of the soil. The main food for snails is planted, especially soft or decaying. Plus, a feed mix. If problems did not arise, and you got your first profit, you can think about the full-scale breeding of snails.

Box for snail farming

For farming outdoors, you will need a plot of 50 square meters. It is necessary to take care of the fencing beforehand so that the snails do not crawl away. Also, it is worth paying attention to the soil.

To start, you need at least 800 adults species. If you want to test the business idea, you can collect a few dozen with your own hands in the wild places. The main thing is to select large ones for good performance. The mollusk is a hermaphrodite, which means that it has male and female reproductive functions.

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Example of outdoor snail farm

Cultures grown on a farm should not be above 50 centimeters. The soil should be regularly piped and fertilized (especially calcium). Also, you have to plant fresh weeds and leaves. No less important task is to protect your brood against pests such as carnivorous beetles, birds, lizards, rats, and moles. In addition, deepen the fence in the ground at 30 cm and elevate the fence 70 cm above the ground, along the entire perimeter to prevent the entry of rodents into the territory.

How to realize the finished products?

Before you start to grow snails, you need to analyze the sales markets. All your efforts will be in vain if the products you receive can't turn to profits. Some of the major markets for snail meat are:

  1. Restaurants with cuisine, in which snail meat is an expensive delicacy.
  2. Companies that produce frozen semi-finished products.
  3. Pharma companies that uses snails in the production of medications and cosmetics.

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You can also think about exporting to European countries or China.

Snail mucus gel

How to harvest snails?

It is most convenient to harvest snails in wet weather. To do this, it is first necessary to lay out slate sheets where snails will be collected. Snails are harvested only after reaching maturity. You can determine this by the edge of the sole (when it becomes firm, the snail will no longer grow). The collection is performed weekly, usually in spring or autumn.

After this, the gastropods must be kept in the cage for seven days so that their digestive system completely gets rid of the soil. While this process, snails receive no food or water. With a temperature regime of +4 degrees and sufficient coolness, they can survive for 2 months. Then it is enough just to pack the shells into boxes or mesh bags, putting them on sale.

Snail gathering

And of course, the main question you may have on your mind: how much can I make from snail business in Nigeria? The price for one mature snail depends on the size. On the average, you can sell one mature snail for 400-600 Naira. So, if you have, for example, 5 thousand snails you can make more than 3 million Naira in one single sale. The profitability of the business easily reaches 100%. So, why don’t you give it a shot, dear reader?

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